T.I. Names His Top 5 Favorite Rap Moguls, Master P & Diddy Make List

T.I. Names His Top 5 Favorite Rap Moguls, Master P & Diddy Make List

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has shared his top five favorite celebrities which include rap mogul Jay-Z and actor/emcee Will Smith.

Also included in T.I.’s list are hip-hop veterans Master P, Russell Simmons and Diddy.

Jay-Z: He done the rap shit to the best it could be done. He’s done it better than anyone who’s ever done it. Master P: He came from the same ghetto and bullsh*t that I came from and turned himself into a corporate conglomerate. Russell Simmons: I look up to Russ, because … he started this shit and he still here. Will Smith: He got it right. Will transitioned from rapping to acting and did it at a stellar level of performance. Diddy: He’s fly as I am; just as conceited, pompous, and arrogant as me, but he managed to maintain a humble sense of self. Puff got enough sense to know–even though he feels like he’s more the shit than anybody else–when they got something going on that [he] ain’t got. He knows when to take pages out of other people’s books. (Rap-Up)

In late June, T.I. opened up about his admiration for Will Smith and wanting to take his career path.

“I’m not going to be the 40-year-old rapper. I would not,” Tip told CNN in a recent interview. “That’s Jay. He’s doing it very well. Hats off, but I just don’t see that for me. If I had the option to [be] Jay-Z [or] Will Smith, I think I’d go with Will. I’m a Jay-Z fan. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Jay and his legacy. But I feel like Will, he gets to spend more time with his family. He gets to be home more and actually raise his kids. I feel like he has more of a home life…and the money don’t hurt. Twenty million dollars a flick ain’t bad.” (CNN)

Aside from collaborating with Jay-Z in the past, T.I. recently linked with Diddy for his “Hello, Good Morning” single.

“Daddy’s home baby! I’m here playing Last Train to Paris for the Interscope staff,” Diddy told radio host Tim Westwood. “We wanna take our time, drop two more singles, drop a bunch of videos, we wanna come over here and do some shows and small venues, we wanna connect with some UK artists — as a matter of fact, I have this record called ‘Hello, Good Morning’ and I’m looking, for the American version, T.I.’s on it, I’m looking to build with a UK artist for the UK version. I wanna do something real real special.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Recently, the rapper compared his fashion sense to rap moguls Jay-Z and Diddy.

“Puff and Jay. Puff has an all-around style, upscale, urban, and classic. I can say that for both. They just have a different way of doing it. I am very selective with my clothes. This is a time where fashion and style go against what I would rather do myself. So I have to pick and choose from people that share my enthusiasm when it comes to certain things. I’m not going to do red jeans. No green jeans. I don’t do Vans and that’s the style right now. I don’t want to show my socks when I’m wearing jeans. So, when you ask me who I look up to and who I can admire for their style right now, I have to choose from people that represent what I represent stylistically.” (Complex)

Check out a recent T.I. interview down below:

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