T.I. More Cautious Since Cutting Ties W/ Alfamega, “I Don’t Force Myself To Deal With People”

T.I. More Cautious Since Cutting Ties W/ Alfamega, “I Don’t Force Myself To Deal With People”

Grand Hustle leader T.I. has shared his reservations about the people he connects with after disassociating himself from alleged ex-government informant Alfamega.

Claiming he has not spoken with Alfa since May 2009, Tip says he no longer forces himself to interact with artists now.

“It made me more cautious and aware,” Tip said in an interview when asked about his post-Alfamega precautions. “I’m not to the point where I need to shut myself off from people, unless I feel like I need to, but I don’t force myself to deal with people. If I’m not in the mood to deal with you, then I just don’t deal with you. I look at it like, me not dealing with you could save me a lot of trouble–me forcing myself to deal with you could bring me a lot of trouble. So I just play it by ear…The people who introduced him to me, they didn’t know. I ain’t trippin’ off that. On some real sh*t, I don’t think about. I’m not angry, I’m not upset. I don’t have any hard feelings.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, T.I. said he had to cut ties with Alfa in order to protect his brand.

“I can’t afford to really be associated with that,” Tip said in an interview with DJ Envy. “That ain’t in ‘my’ best interest. Either way it go, it’s kinda like they only thought about themselves. Never mind how it affects you, never mind how it could fall back on you. ‘It’s all about me.’ So if that’s the take on it, I have no choice but to separate myself just due to what’s best for me and mine.” (DJ Envy)

Alfa later responded to Tip’s interview and questioned what was said.

“A lot of my people seen it and I heard it,” Alfa said referring to Tip’s recent DJ Envy interview. “I started laughing — how could you confront the truth? You can’t confront the truth, you can only accept the truth. If you don’t put out a pretty lie — if you ever done something wrong, had an argument with your friend and you wanted to apologize because you knew you were wrong, you want to apologize but don’t know how to do it. You ever have that before? That’s how he feels…I haven’t seen the tape but my people say it looks like it’s edited because it didn’t mention my name but everybody in the interview talking about me, big up to DJ Envy, it ain’t no beef with him, period and it ain’t no beef with Tip, period. My thing is, it’s time to let the truth out. It’s time for the truth to come out, let everybody know what the f*ck’s going on, shawty.” (XTX2XG)

Last April, Alfa said T.I. was not fully responsible for ending their relationship.

“Nah, it wasn’t [T.I.]. Man, listen man, it wasn’t Tip like I was told, man,” Alfa argued claiming Tip was not the one who wanted him gone. “And I got like – I got tapes, homie. I was told that it was somebody bigger than Tip that told Tip to do it [and kick me out of Grand Hustle]. And instead of making a real n*gga move, he made a industry move. It made a lot of n*ggas around him fall-out with him too when he did what he did. I talk to a couple of dudes over there. This situation [can] always be resolved. I’m a grown man. He’s supposed to be a grown man too. [So] the situation [can] always be resolved. The United States work out their differences with different countries. [But] they gotta do it before it goes to war. So it can be resolved. I don’t want nothing but a apology. Give me a apology [and] I’m through, I’m gone. I’ll let it be, if you give me a apology. If I don’t get no apology [though], that means I’m coming at ya.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Alfamega speaking on T.I. below:

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