T.I., Lil Wayne & Birdman Show Rick Ross Who’s The Boss [Audio]

T.I., Lil Wayne & Birdman Show Rick Ross Who’s The Boss [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper T.I., Lil Wayne and Birdman showed off their own lyrical talent on the current Meek Mill and Rick Ross “I’ma Boss” anthem by remixing the nationwide hit.

The record also features production stars Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled.

Maybach Music’s next in line Meek Mill adds some star power to the remix of his single “Ima Boss” with hip-hop heavyweights T.I., Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Birdman, and DJ Khaled. Tip kicks off the five-minute-plus remix with a ferocious verse and Rozay keeps it moving after his recent health scare. “Had a couple seizures, call ‘em minor setbacks/ Everybody prayin’ for me, I respect that,” raps the Bawse. (Rap-Up)

A few months ago, Meek Mill said he was saving his “I’m Boss” remix for T.I. in light of the Grand Hustle rapper’s 11-month stint behind bars on a probation violation.

“If I hold the ‘I’ma Boss’ remix long enough I might throw Tip on that, have him get out to the hottest song of the year,” Meek said in an interview. “He ain’t have no problem looking out for me and I don’t have no problem doing it for him.” In 2008, rumors sprung up that T.I. had signed Meek to his label Grand Hustle, but the co-sign never amounted to an ink stain. Although it’s unclear as to why the deal never materialized, Meek says he still salutes the Atlanta giant. “I talked to Tip even when I was with Maybach, he already know my mind frame because me and Tip ended up becoming good friends later on down the line just hanging out with each other.” (VIBE)

Tip also remixed Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “N*ggas In Paris” around mid-October.

“Aye man I don’t know what been happening I guess y’all must have caught amnesia in my absence I ain’t been gone that long, have I? Well, just for y’all reminder. How about the crown meet the throne right here? Let’s get it,” Tip says on the remix’s intro. “Call me T.I. — no CPR, I’m killing the sh*t/Even in prison I’m still the sh*t/Better recognize King in the building b*tch/Act like you know you serious, I (ball so hard)/My ankle hurt, don’t buy a car if I ain’t the first In the country with a 1, 2, 3 b*tch/You watch me while I painted her, I (Ball so hard)/They hate to see me on the stage Jay-Z, Kanye with me/You know I (ball so hard),/TIP is scary/Merci beaucoup in Paris/Parlez vous francais I say/Menage a trois today I say.” (“N*ggas In Paris” Remix)

Last month, T.I. talked about his hunger to make new records.

A while back the Grand Hustle general mentioned that he might be on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N*ggas in Paris (Remix).” When asked about the status of that record, T.I. said, “Well, I officially have recorded my verse. And I haven’t spoken to ‘Ye. I let ‘Ye hear it . I think ‘Ye let Jay hear it as well. I don’t think a determination has been made on whether or not it is going to be official. But if it’s not official, it will be unofficial. It will be heard one way or another. I will assure you that.” But that’s not all. T.I. wants to add his vocals to more songs. “I’m looking for some more records to jump on,” he said. “That’s what I’m doin’ right now. I’m commandeering hit records right now. I’m hijacking hit records. If you got a hit I’m on it.” (XXL Mag)

Check out “I’ma Boss” remix below:

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