T.I. Let Loose Inner Bad Guy For “Takers” Thriller, “I Wanted To Play A More Challenged Villain”

T.I. Let Loose Inner Bad Guy For “Takers” Thriller, “I Wanted To Play A More Challenged Villain”

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. recently opened up about his role as a villain in the upcoming action-packed thriller Takers which comes out this month.

Speaking on his role as “Ghost,” Tip says this movie role provided him an opportunity to play with the audience’s emotions and perceptions.

“I wanted to play a more interesting, challenged villain,” Tip said. “I think Ghost, in the end, is the villain, but initially he’s the guy you feel sorry for. Like, ‘Why you doing Ghost like that?’ He got shot, he went and did time. Now they don’t want to do his job. Why not? Later you find out why. He’s a bit of a complex character.” (MTV)

Details on Tip’s character from the forthcoming film have hit the Internet.

T.I. is treacherous. He’s cold, he’s calculating and he’s out for millions. As the character Ghost in the upcoming film “Takers,” the beloved King of the South is all of the above, but he also sneaks in a few hysterical one-liners. It’s these multifaceted aspects that lured him to his role in the film. (IMDb)

While prepping the release of Takers, Tip recently talked about what acting lessons he learned alongside former “The Wire” actor Idris Elba.

And whilst working on the movie T.I. admits that he learnt a lot whilst working alongside The Wire actor Idris Elba. “Idris is a phenomenal talent, an outstanding man. I learned a lot from his methods of acting and we hit it off personally as well as professionally. “Everybody was humbled. Everybody was down to earth. I loved working with Idris as well as the rest of the crew.”Takers is released 17th September. (Female First)

Last week, Tip said the biggest competition he has for movie roles is with himself.

The rapper – who made his acting debut in teen drama ATL in 2006 – stars in new crime thriller Takers, which he also executive produced, but doesn’t see other rapper-turned-actors such as 50 Cent and Ice Cube as rivals. TI said: “I don’t feel any. I don’t feel any competition. I don’t feel like I’m competing with anyone but myself. If anyone else does feel like that, it must suck to be them. But I don’t feel like that.” (The Press Association)

Takers is set to drop Friday, August 27th.

Check out a trailer for T.I.’s Takers below:

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