T.I. Juggles “Trouble Man,” B.o.B. & Young Jeezy Joint Efforts

T.I. Juggles “Trouble Man,” B.o.B. & Young Jeezy Joint Efforts

With his upcoming Trouble Man album likely to hit store shelves in early 2013, SOHH recently hit up T.I. to find out the status of collaborative projects with B.o.B. and Young Jeezy.

Three projects on deck, Tip said his focus is on dropping the solo effort first.

“We’re definitely going to get Trouble Man [out there] first,” Tip told SOHH when asked about his upcoming LP release dates. “That’s defnitely number one, that’s definitely priority. You’ll get that in time. As far as the T.I. and B.o.B. and T.I. and Young Jeezy record, that’s in the works. I don’t know man, I definitely want to do both of them.” (SOHH)

In April, Bobby Ray chopped it up with SOHH about the collaborative effort.

We have a couple of songs in the archive that we’re really holding, but we want to put out our solo projects first, to get that out of the way then we can have fun with the collaboration project. I feel like it’s going to be, considering the contrast that me and TIP have as artists, it’s going to be a great chemistry, which it already is. Also, on the album, me and TIP have a song with Chris Brown called “Arena” so I’m looking forward to that definitely. Working with TIP, I learn a lot just from the aspect of someone who’s eight albums in the music industry; you kind of have a good ear. Just the advice in the studio and just being efficient with the recording process, sometimes I may over think things and he’ll be like, “Bob, you already got it.” With me, I think outside of the box, and I may bring different ideas or musicality. It may come in the form of music and lyrics. I think it all compliments everything that we’re doing.” (SOHH)

Last fall, Jeezy dished out details on a possible duo LP alongside Tip.

Although both Atlanta rappers have had hectic schedules this fall, Jeezy said that he and T.I. may someday release a joint album, a la “Watch The Throne.” “Me and Tip actually were together and we [talked] about it,” he said. “We’ve just hit the ground running and been doing so many records that I don’t think it’s impossible. And we’ve known each other [long] enough to put something like that together, and I definitely think that the city would need it, because it would be a good look. And it would be an amazing album release party, by the way.” (Billboard)

Tip previously talked about working alongside B.o.B. on the joint effort.

“We been goin’ in. We’re actually flirting with the idea of doin’ an album together called The Man and the Martian,” T.I. explained. “We just been compiling material, he and I together, and it’s coming out real good…Of course [Jay-Z and Kanye West] did inspire me, but I always have wanted to do a collaborative album. Even back when Jay did that with R. Kelly — I spoke to Usher about doing one of those before; the stars and the moon hadn’t aligned appropriately.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

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