T.I. Celebrates Freedom From Prison, “I’m The King & I’m Back!”

T.I. Celebrates Freedom From Prison, “I’m The King & I’m Back!”

Self-proclaimed “King of the South” T.I. reportedly celebrated his freedom from prison earlier this week after serving time on a weapons conviction last year.

According to reports, the “King” rang in his freedom at a New York City nightclub.

T.I. enjoyed his newfound freedom on Tuesday night: The rapper – who spent seven months behind bars on weapons charges – partied with a hefty entourage at 1Oak. “He got behind the deejay booth with DJ Sal Morale and yelled, ‘I’m king, and I’m back!'” says a fellow clubber. “The deejay then played T.I.’s song ‘I’m Back,’ and the crowd went wild.” (New York Daily News)

He was spotted by photographers that morning in the Big Apple.

T.I. — I Can Finally Go Wherever I Like. Fresh out of a stint in federal prison (and then a halfway house), T.I. flew into NYC today — the first time we’ve seen him since he got out. As we previously reported, T.I. was sentenced on weapons charges back in March 2009. (TMZ)

Since he was released this year, the rapper is expected to marry long-time girlfriend Tiny Cottle.

“There are wedding plans coming soon, sometime this year,” she said in an interview. “Not too big ’cause I want it to be as private as possible. There’ve been a million rumors about us getting married. It’s taking away from the day that we really do get married so I just want to kind of have that moment for myself. I don’t really worry about what people say about what’s taking so long. like, it ain’t none of your business what’s taking so long. If we happy, why are you so concerned? We living, we’re happy, we’re in love. I mean, it’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t love every piece of me and vice versa so we’re just doing what’s comfortable and what works for us. Tiny and T.I.: Not for the world. When we get ready to make a move, we will make it. We just can’t do it for everybody.” (VIBE)

He is also working on another solo album called King Uncaged.

T.I. is setting the bar high for his post-prison album, King Uncaged, comparing it to Tupac‘s 1996 classic All Eyez on Me, which was released months after ‘Pac got out of prison. “This is the most significant return from incarceration that the game has had since then,” T.I. says. “Just given the enormous success of that project, everyone’s expecting the same results. I just want to meet the expectations, if not surpass them.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out a recent T.I. interview down below:

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