Swizz Beatz Sees DMX Barking Again, “I Remember When People Couldn’t Follow Him On Stage” [Video]

Swizz Beatz Sees DMX Barking Again, “I Remember When People Couldn’t Follow Him On Stage” [Video]

Platinum-selling rapper DMX is primed to reach great heights once again if hitmaker Swizz Beatz has anything to do with it, as the famed Ruff Ryders producer claims X is ready to get his spot back.

Although mum on the details, Swizzy said he is getting X back in top notch shape.

“I have a lot of big plans with X that I plan on putting in motion as a brother, as a responsibility, as fans,” Swizz said in an interview. “I’m mapping that out now and the world will soon know about that…DMX is one-of-one. I just hate to see what I’ve been seeing because I remember when people couldn’t follow up with him on stage, big name people — people still don’t understand X. My job is to get people to understand X for real. With reality shows, that stuff is edited. It’s real stuff but I just think people need to see another side of X.” (“Bootleg Kev”)

Earlier this month, the platinum-selling producer discussed re-introducing Ruff Ryders.

“We’ve got some amazing songs,” Beatz added when asked about re-introducing the Ruff Ryders crew. “It’s all about the hit. You could be away for a hundred years and come back with that hit — One thing about Eve, she’s a little different, she’s a little sane — Eve’s still hungry. I was in the studio with her the other day. One thing I like to do is let the artists go out there and come back with music they feel they should be doing. Then we have listening sessions and the stuff she came back, I was proud of her because even though she’s traveling the world and doing different things, music is still her love. It’s all about that passion. … X is working on a couple side of things on the personal side of his life as people can see in ‘Couples Therapy.’ …. I like that he’s dealing with demons that’s in his life that’s been interfering with his music and his life.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Back in March, Swizzy talked about once again waving the Ruff Ryders flag alongside X.

“First and foremost, it’s great to start off with such an amazing brand as Ruff Ryders that people see as authentic. When we came out, we changed the culture of music at that time. It was just something about the timing of that that made sense to the people. And so to come back years later and have people missing that in their life, to perform with DMX at SOBs and it be sold out, people knowing every word of his songs, it’s just like, wow, we really built something. Ruff Ryders was a great starting point, and to tour with it again is a cool thing.” (The FADER)

A week prior, the music duo reunited for a New York City concert.

“It don’t get no better than this,” DMX told the crowd near the end of his triumphant set at S.O.B.’s in New York on Thursday night (Feb. 23). The beleaguered New York native littered his first Manhattan show in years with a decade and a half of hits: after stomping onstage and launching into “We Right Here,” X tore through cuts like “What These B*tches Want,” “Get At Me Dog,” “Party Up” and “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” the latter of which featured special guest Swizz Beatz onstage. (Billboard)

Check out a portion of Swizz Beatz’s interview below:

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