Swizz Beatz Moves Past Love Affair Rumors, Cops Alicia Keys Pre-Birthday Whip

Swizz Beatz Moves Past Love Affair Rumors, Cops Alicia Keys Pre-Birthday Whip

Producer Swizz Beatz appears to be beyond this week’s rumors of him having an alleged love affair by purchasing wife/singer Alicia Keys an early pre-birthday present four months in advance.

Although Keys’ birthday is not until late January, Beatz treated his wife to a new vehicle.

Swizz Beatz decided that it was much better to give than receive on his birthday and got Alicia Keys a huge gift! Disregarding rumors of an affair with Houston singer Christina Elizabeth, the producer handed Alicia keys to a new pink Lotus on Wednesday…which was his birthday. “Best part of my Bday was my gift to my wife because my Bday is her Bday,” he tweeted along with a picture of Alicia standing beside her new ride. For those wondering, Alicia’s actual birthday is January 25. (S2S Magazine)

Earlier in the week, Keys surprised Beatz with an unexpected birthday party.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are rolling in love. The R&B singer surprised her producer husband by throwing a party for his 33rd birthday at High Line roller skating rink in New York City on Monday (Sept. 12). The happy couple was joined by their friends including Gayle King, La La Vazquez, and Carmelo Anthony, reports UsMagazine.com. “Happy Birthday to the most INCREDIBLE man I know!!!!! @therealswizzz !!! To A life of ENDLESS shining between us!” tweeted Alicia, who laughed off rumors that she and Swizz’ relationship was on the rocks. (Rap-Up)

Swizzy’s alleged mistress, 23 year-old aspiring singer Christina Elizabeth released a statement speaking on their past fling this week.

“He invited me out to Miami with him and I gladly accepted. I met him in Dallas and we flew to Miami together. My last minute ticket placed me in coach and his ticket placed him in first class, but he switched his first class seat with the guy sitting next to me so he could sit next to me. In Miami, we stayed at his friends beautiful home. This is where we became sexually active and this is where I found out he was married. He snuck me through the house and it was all odd to me until I found a gift with Mashonda & Kasseem’s name on it. I asked him later on why he was cheating on her and he basically said she wasn’t being the wife he needed. He also said that if she asked if he was cheating, he would not lie to her, but he wouldn’t come right out and tell her. After that trip, he invited me to meet him in Philly. I was picked up from the airport and taken to a club where he was performing at. Him and his crew jumped in the truck and we drove to VA from there. In VA, we got on a tour bus and drove to multiple destinations. After that, I flew back to Miami, he got sick and I got stranded in the Miami airport overnight. I flew back home to Houston the next day.” (Bossip)

Through their Twitter pages, Swizzy and Keys both downplayed the rumors.

Both Alicia and Swizz took to their Twitter to respond to gossip and laugh of allegations of marital issues. Alicia tweeted, “Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Some things are just LAUGHABLE!!!!!! Now, Let’s Continue to SHINE!! Everything else is a waste of time!! Sending love!” Her Reebok rocking hubby then tweeted, “Wow people sure do take things far with the BS Lmao!” The couple also made it loud and clear they’re very happy, recently attending an Alexander Wang show together during FashionWeek. (Global Grind)

Check out a recent Swizz Beatz interview below:

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