Swizz Beatz Finally Settles UK Baby Mama Child Support Case

Swizz Beatz Finally Settles UK Baby Mama Child Support Case

Producer Swizz Beatz has finally reached a child support agreement with ex-girlfriend/singer Zhana Andrianova from the United Kingdom.

Details of the settlement emerged online Monday (September 19) morning.

Swizz Beatz has reached an official child-support deal with the mother of his love child in London. Sources confirmed to us that 33-year-old Bronx-born producer and rapper Beatz, husband of Alicia Keys, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, recently struck an out-of-court settlement with UK-based singer Zhanna Andrianova, mother of his 3-year-old daughter Nicole. Moscow-born Andrianova has been fighting visa problems in the UK, and in ’09 won a battle to prevent her from being deported to Russia. Lawyers for Andrianova say Beatz also agreed to pay her $42,000 legal fees as part of the settlement, signed by him in July and her in August, and a judge at Manhattan Family Court granted them a money judgment Thursday to pursue payment, which could have resulted in his assets being seized or bank accounts frozen. Following this, a check for full payment was sent by Beatz to her lawyer, divorce attorney Raoul Felder on Friday. (New York Post)

Beatz and Andrianova became romantically linked roughly four years ago.

Russian Andrianova, who performs under the name Jahna Sebastian, met Beatz in a London club in 2007, and their daughter was born in May 2008. In 2009, he traveled to London with Keys to take a paternity test that proved he was the father. Sources said Beatz has been paying interim child support for his daughter with Andrianova, and the official settlement was delayed due to her being unable to travel to the US for court appearances, and her refusal to accept a settlement he offered a year ago. (My Fox New York)

In May, Beatz traveled to London to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

Swizz Beatz made a trip to London to celebrate his daughter Nicole’s 3rd birthday this weekend. Nicole is his daughter with a British singer. And he wanted his sons (sans Egypt Dean) to kick it with their half-sister. He made it a happy occasion with his oldest son Nasir and his son with Mashonda, Kaseem. And they all traveled to London to have a birthday bash for cutie pie Nicole. (The YBF)

In light of having four children with four different women, SOHH recently asked Swizz how he balanced work and family time.

“[Reebok] is the only thing people can wear around here,” Swizz told SOHH. “You can’t come to the studio unless you’re Reebok’d out — We gotta respect the movement around here. [laughs] [Me and my family outings], that’s always. We already do that. We were just doing that in London. We do that all the time. We do that every week. That’s not even something that’s a long, far goal of mine. At least three times a week. It’s not really displayed like that but that’s done like three times a week and even on the weekend. So, that’s a must. That’s an ongoing thing.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Swizz Beatz footage down below:

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