Swizz Beatz Adopts NY School, “I’m In The Middle Of Sponsoring, Funding & Helping Rebuild Them”

Swizz Beatz Adopts NY School, “I’m In The Middle Of Sponsoring, Funding & Helping Rebuild Them”

Producer Swizz Beatz has given back to his community by promising to help rebuild a Bronx, New York charter school.

According to reports, the school is located in the South Bronx.

Swizzy appeared on “106 & Park” yesterday with Diddy and Dirty Money to speak on his contributions. “I just came from the Bronx Charter School For the Arts,” he said. “I’m in the middle of sponsoring them, funding them, helping to rebuild them. Shout out to them, they got an art auction coming up.” The public elementary school is located in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the South Bronx. (XXL Mag)

In addition to education, the producer has reportedly began his own line of high-end jackets.

In late 2009, the shoe world got word that DJ/producer/rapper Swizz Beatz is going into a collaboration project with world-famous luxury shoemaker: Christian Louboutin. Fashion and music fans alike immediately categorized this collab with the likes of Kanye West who made his own Louis Vuitton kicks a reality in mid 2009, and Pharrell‘s aspiration to work with haute couture house Lanvin. And guess what: just days ago, Swizz Beatz leaked a preview of his own upcoming fall 2010 solo entrĂ© into fashion: a collection of high-end leather jackets. No word yet on whether this will also be a Christian Louboutin collabo, but those studs look similar to the shoes. (SoJones)

Last month, Swizz talked about taking a more mature approach to his career.

With no plans to slow down, he maintains this next year as a rebirth of his old self. “Part of the graduation stage is dumbing-down the toys a little bit. You gotta understand, I was doing these things since I was 17, 18 years old, and I’m 31 now. If you are doing the same things in your 30s that you were doing in your teens, something’s not right,” says Swizz with a chuckle. And it’s clear that things have changed. Gone are the extravagant cars and necklaces decked with diamonds, and in their place is a grown man with a clear vision for the future. He is determined to put a tangible feeling back into music, and with his new album in the works, this is his moment. “Music is something that should stick with you and represent a moment in time. I need to raise the bar for that. I need to personally take the risk to make those sounds and take those elements where everyone is over there, but Swizz is over here.” (Haute Living)

Swizz recently said this year would be his time to shine and show-off his brand.

“2010, I feel is my graduation year,” Beatz said in an interview. “And so I’m gonna graduate my brand, my image, my music, my sound, my audience, my reach, everything. So my album is gonna reflect that. I traveled to different countries collecting sounds and bringing it back to the culture because nobody’s really raising the bar. And with music, there are things artists are just getting by with and I feel we just need to bring something more tangible to the table so where it’s not like a bubble gum factory where the fans are just chewing up the latest flavor and spitting it out. Music used to be something you wanted to put on your shelf as a trophy because it takes you to a moment in time, it takes you to an era, it takes you to that feeling so I think that adding different elements that’s not expected, that’s not overexposed, that’s something new, we can make those moments in time again.” (Rap-Up TV)

Check out a recent Swizz Beatz interview down below:

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