Superhead Blows ‘Net Away W/ Lil Wayne Love Child Rumor? [Video]

Superhead Blows ‘Net Away W/ Lil Wayne Love Child Rumor? [Video]

Former video vixen Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has the Internet on its heels, hinting at possibly being pregnant with close friend/rap star Lil Wayne‘s child.

Buzz linking Weezy F. Baby to the infamous ex-rap groupie has started courtesy of a new video of her in panties and narrating.

Now, she is penning a new book that’ll detail everything about her relationship with him. It is called How to Make Love to a Martian, which is a reference to Wayne’s extraterrestrial half. In a video posted on her Tumblr that promotes her “interpersonal literary project,” she describes getting pregnant with Tunechi at one point. To make the public service announcement a little more entertaining, she is rolling around in bed while the camera gives us close up shots of her assets. (XXL Mag)

In the clip, Superhead hints at carrying a “secret” baby in her stomach and battling emotions for Weezy.

“It had all come to this. I’d been with him so long, there was no way I’d leave him for my husband. There was no way I’d settle for a life without him but no way I’d settle for a life with him — a life on the road, swimming in a pool of women. But, this baby in my stomach. This secret. How would I tell my husband? How would I tell my lover? My Martian.” (Vimeo)

Despite the speculation, hip-hop personality Miss Info has suggested the video’s message is not an announcement but of a reflection at best.

*note: contrary to some site who are posting this as some kind of announcement that Supahead is pregnant by Lil Wayne now. It seems pretty obvious (duh!) from the smoking and the reading off the laptop and the fuzzy “memory lane” camera effects…that Supahead is just reading an excerpt from her book. So this could even be all soap opera fiction.* (Miss Info TV)

A few weeks ago, Steffans discussed her close-knit bond to Wayne.

“Wayne and I have kept a relationship through my two husbands, his three kids, three additional baby mamas, three of his albums, three of my books, three of his arrests, one year in prison and three engagements on his part. We are indestructible and I find it fascinating. I’m in constant contact with this person every day, every other day. He is a part of my being. I’m not me without him. He makes me very happy, [but] I couldn’t be with Wayne. I couldn’t live Wayne’s life.” (VIBE Vixen)

Check out the Superhead footage:

Karrine Steffans x Mykel Monroe: Alone from Karrine & Co.® on Vimeo.

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