Superhead Admits To Abuse, “One Day He’ll Kill Me But He’s All I Have”

Superhead Admits To Abuse, “One Day He’ll Kill Me But He’s All I Have”

Former video vixen Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has ended her silence and admitted to experiencing abuse at the hands of a romantic partner over the past few years.

Penning an open letter, Steffans explains her inability to leave the unhealthy relationship.

“I’ve been a victim of abuse all my life — literally, for as long as I can remember. It is my norm. Whereas most people would run in the other direction the moment someone physically, emotionally, or mentally abuses them — I stay. It’s a sickness and just when I think I am cured, the cancer spreads. For the past several years, I have been involved in a highly abusive relationship. I have been choked, whipped with belts, thrown about, berated, belittled, raped, and disregarded as a human being. I have been abandoned and embarrassed, then, loved and coddled. I have been caught in a vicious cycle and have left on many occasions, just to return. I have found little support from my friends and family because I complain, and I cry, then I go back for more. I go back knowing that, one day, he’ll kill me but he’s all I have. He’s the only one who understands because he’s stuck in this cycle, too.” (VIBE)

Steffans also tells readers to not allow themselves to stay in similar situations.

“So, I keep it all to myself and it continues. Then, we make up and vow it will never happen again — then it does and I feel so foolish for ever believing he can change or that we can change. Then, I begin to believe again. I believe even now. I love him though it pains me to admit. It sickens me to know that I will return to him in an instant and that the next time could be the last time and that breath, my last breath. Still, I hold out hope that one day we’ll learn how to love one another without pain. I pray that those who look on with smirks and judgments know one thing — domestic violence is very real and, at times, very final. If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of domestic violence, please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at (800) 799-7233.” (VIBE)

The former hip-hop groupie has previously been in two publicized relationships, including a stint with rap veteran Kool G Rap.

Steffans married Darius McCrary in April 2009, but in 2010 the former “Family Matters'” star filed for divorce. Steffans has a son from her past relationship with Nathaniel Wilson, better known as Kool G Rap, which started when she was seventeen. Steffans dedicated her first book to her son. (Wikipedia)

To date, Steffans has authored three books, two exposes and a relationship guide.

Former rap video vixen Karrine Steffans is gearing up for the release of her new book, The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce, & Keep The Man You Want for this summer. Unlike her first two memoirs – The New York Times best sellers Confessions of a Video Vixen and The Vixen Diaries -the new book will serve as a guide for obtaining and maintaining a successful relationship. The book is broken into five parts, “Being Single,” “How To Attract Him,” “How To Engage Him,” “How To Release Him” and “Maybe It’s You.” Steffans, who is known for her exploits with various rap superstars, also includes an illustrated chapter filled with sexual positions. The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce, & Keep The Man You Want will be released on July 13th via Grand Central Publishing. (XXL Mag)

Check out footage of Superhead down below:

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