Suge’s Ex-Sidekicks Ready To Expose Knight: “Suge Wanted Lil Boosie To Call T.I. A Rat”

Suge’s Ex-Sidekicks Ready To Expose Knight: “Suge Wanted Lil Boosie To Call T.I. A Rat”

[After building a music empire with Death Row Records, Suge Knight’s legacy may receive a complete makeover with ex-associate Lloyd Lake and former Death Row Records security head Reggie Wright’s upcoming untitled tell-all documentary.]

It’s necessary to put out this documentary because the things that were going on back then are happening now. Three weeks ago he beat up Akon’s brother and he’s still doing the same thing to the artists, petrifying these guys.

He recently attacked Scott Storch. He hit the guy at the [marijuana] dispensary because he was told he didn’t have the right paperwork. He’s doing the same things he was doing during the Death Row days and he’s doing it at the government’s discretion. That’s why it’s important because he’s giving hip-hop a bad name. He’s the government bully. You can’t talk bad about hip-hop but you create a lot of it within the government. The government creates a lot of these beefs.

I remember being in a hotel room in Baton Rouge and Suge wanted Lil Boosie to call T.I. a rat for the government. He wanted him to diss him. -Lloyd Lake

There’s a couple of reasons why this documenary is necessary. The number one reason is because of loyalty to Lloyd. He approached me and asked if I could help him with this project.

Suge’s been out there saying things that are inaccurate within our inner circles and my kids are a little bit older and they’re old enough to read. I never got a chance to put my side of the story out there. They’re starting to read and get questions from their friends about what really happened. I want to give my version because I’m getting a little older.

It’s no secret that the Feds contacted us when they started the LAPD investigation to get that lawsuit dismissed from [the Christopher Wallace family] suing the city of Los Angeles and during that investigation I found out a lot of things Suge was doing behind the scenes like trying to get me incarcerated.

I want the truth to be exposed but I mainly want the record to be straight. I want it to be in black-and-white and on tape. I pretty much had to shut my security company down. I was working hand-to-hand with Jimmy Iovine and people like that. I pretty much got away from the whole industry.

Thank God [E1’s] Michael Koch stayed loyal to me. The Bryan Turners and the Jimmy Iovines, they pretty much just shut down on it because of the relationship I had with Suge. I could have had a better situation in the industry if it wasn’t for the accusations that were made. -Reggie Wright

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Lloyd Lake, ex-associate and friend of Marion Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records and suspect in the murder of Notorious B.I.G, has launched the official Kickstarter campaign to fund the tell-all documentary of the infamous cold case of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. With the goal of exposing the government turning a blind-eye to Suge Knight’s involvement due to his role as a government informant, the documentary features interviews with Tupac’s body guard and Suge Knight’s right-hand man, Reggie Wright, as well as lawyers who reveal the unwillingness of the U.S. Justice System to prosecute those involved.

Stay tuned to SOHH as Lloyd Lake and Reggie White dish out more on their past days with Suge Knight and why they are determined to bring him down with their upcoming tell-all documentary.

Check out the teaser:

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