Suge Knight’s Ex-Sidekick Wants Revenge: “He Tried To Kill Me, So I Take That Personal”

Suge Knight’s Ex-Sidekick Wants Revenge: “He Tried To Kill Me, So I Take That Personal”

[After building a music empire with Death Row Records, Suge Knight’s legacy may receive a complete makeover with ex-associate Lloyd Lake’s upcoming untitled tell-all documentary.]

When you do something like this, you want creative control. You want to tell it like it is and not have it watered down.

Sometimes when you’re dealing with studios, they’re not willing to tell the story because they’re afraid of certain repercussions. When you can do it yourself, you can make it personal.

Suge Knight tried to kill me so I take that personal. Not only me, I’m doing this documentary for all of the current rappers that he’s doing the same things to and I would hope they’ll stand behind this project. Akon. Scott Storch. These are all the guys currently out that he’s trying to do the same stuff he’s done to other artists to in the past.

He’s still doing it and the goverment’s letting him. He’s not only doing it to me but he’s doing it at the government’s discretion. They want to keep that division in hip-hop. That’s why I’m doing this project. That’s not right in my heart.

I want everyone to get behind this so we can put pressure on him and the government so we can stop this. It’s hurting hip-hop.

A lot of these wars in hip-hop are started by government.

Once we reach our goal of $150,000, we’re going to shop this around when it’s complete.

My main concern from releasing this would be the government and exposing their informant. I’m not worried about Suge because you gotta understand, I’ve talked to Suge a few times and I’ve told him everything to his face. I’ve told him he’s a rat, a b*tch and everything to his face and all he could do is put his head down.

Suge is a coward. I’m not worried about him, if anything, it would be the government.

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Lloyd Lake, ex-associate and friend of Marion Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records and suspect in the murder of Notorious B.I.G, has launched the official Kickstarter campaign to fund the tell-all documentary of the infamous cold case of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.

Stay tuned to SOHH as Lloyd Lake and ex-Knight affiliate Reggie White dish out more on their past days with Suge Knight and why they are determined to bring him down with their upcoming tell-all documentary.

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