Suge Knight’s 2Pac Murder Arrest Hypes Up Fans

Suge Knight’s 2Pac Murder Arrest Hypes Up Fans

The Internet went into a fury last night (December 29) as reports claiming that Death Row Records ex-owner Suge “Marion” Knight was arested for the murder of Tupac Shakur spun.

The reports developed after a false news report was produced and released this week.

While Twitter heated up with news of Suge Knight’s arrest and his connection with the murder of Tupac, some started to break down the “news” video to discover that it was, in fact, a hoax. At first glance, the news footage showing Suge Knight arrested 2010 pointed to the fact that Suge Knight killed Tupac as the reason for his arrest. The fake video is actually spliced together news footage that makes it appear that Suge Knight was arrested for killing Tupac. (Babble News)

Further examination revealed that the segment consisted of two different reports combined in order to create the fake footage.

A video circulating on YouTube (see below) begins with footage from an Fox 11 News Los Angeles evening news broadcast. The TV anchor is well known to LA residents as evening news anchor. In the video, aninterview is conducted about an “October” documentary regarding thedeath of Tupac Shakur. Then, suddenly the video cuts to KTLA’s Morning News. If you look, you can even see the time stamp on the broadcast as shortly after 8 am PST. That KTLA news clip shows Knight being arrested. But the viewer is not told that the arrest is for a different matter unrelated to Shakur. The video is a fake. Knight has not been arrested for the murder of Tupac. (LA Late)

Renowned hip-hop scribe The Source has also denied the footage’s authenticity.

The Internet was sent into a mini-frenzy today when a report “broke” that stated Death Row head Marion “Suge” Knight had been arrested in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur. Despite obvious over-dubs and a date of “May 20, 2010″ present in the video, many seemed to buy into the hoax. However, The Source is here to put all rumors to rest. The video and report were fakes and Knight has not been arrested for the murder of Shakur. (The Source)

In 1996, Knight reflected on nearly dying alongside Shakur while fleeing a Las Vegas shooting on September 7th.

“I feel that the last word is always God, but Pac saved my life. He’s my… Pac saved my life. I got shot in the head — got grazed some other places — but I still got the bullet in my head. It’s still here…. Before, I was tryin’ to get him to the hospital — didn’t make me realize that I was shot. Because usually, when you get shot in the head, the first thing the person do is panic. You know, BAM! I’m shot in the head! I’m about to die! And once you do that, you can’t drive nowhere. My whole thing was Pac — he was shot. I’m like, ‘You’re shot! Let me get you to the hospital.’ I’m driving, telling him I’m gonna get him to the hospital, kicked back, Pac looked at me and said, ‘You know what? You need a doctor more than me. You the one shot in your head.’ And we laughed the whole time finding our way to the hospital. That’s the conversation we had. It wasn’t… Pac was a man the whole time. It wasn’t that he was like, ‘OOOhhh, I’m shot!’ He crackin’ jokes. He’s like, ‘Yeah, they shot me.’ But he said, ‘But you shot in your head. Look at your head. You see how much it’s bleedin’? Look how much it’s bleedin’.’ That was Pac. And I’m like, ‘Man, shut up, we’ll get you to the doctor.'” (MTV)

Check out the hoax video down below:

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