Suge Knight Wanted For Assaulting & Robbing Yukmouth

Suge Knight Wanted For Assaulting & Robbing Yukmouth

Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight is reportedly being sought by police for assaulting and robbing West Coast rapper Yukmouth.

According to reports, the incident took place Monday (March 22) night in California.

The former chief of Death Row Records (and former prison inmate) reportedly attacked Yukmouth with 10 members of his entourage, taking $92,000 worth of jewelry at a Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley around 10:00pm on Monday. (Gossip Cop)

In addition to Knight, members of his entourage are also being called into question.

Sources say Suge and his entourage are suspects and cops want to question them. We’re also told there’s a previous misdemeanor warrant out for Suge’s arrest — which makes it unlikely he’ll visit the police department. (TMZ)

The mogul was previously suspected of robbing an associate of Akon last year.

At about 3:00 AM five men broke into his home with guns and were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge Knight. They claimed Detail owed Suge money, and then proceeded to collect on the debt. They stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room. Christopher Walker adds they demanded a key to the safe and said they would kill all four people in the house if they didn’t get it. The robbers didn’t get the key, instead, they took the 130 pound safe. They also took stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. A police source tells us it’s more like $300,000. (TMZ)

He was also publicly dissed by rapper Game during a freestyle earlier this year.

“It’s 2010 and I said f*ck Suge!,” Game freestyled during a performance. “Because I’m a motherf*cking animal/And they don’t know that I’m a cannibal/Emcees I eat ‘em, thick b*tches I beat ‘em/I fry haters up just ’cause I don’t need ‘em/Where the f*ck we from, n*gga from Compton/Where the f*ck we from, we from Compton…Weezy, I made that n*gga a Blood, Jim Jones, I made that n*gga a Blood, Gucci [Mane], I made that n*gga a Blood, so when they throw it up, eveybody say what’s up…Everybody in this b*tch know what Game ’bout/Suge took the same route…Let’s vote, 2010, n*gga f*ck Death Row!” (WSHH)

Check out a past Suge Knight interview down below:

Suge Knight Interview from on Vimeo.

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