Suge Knight Targets Dr. Dre & Eminem In New Film, “He’s A Very Intimidating Character”

Suge Knight Targets Dr. Dre & Eminem In New Film, “He’s A Very Intimidating Character”

Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight is reportedly poking fun at Dr. Dre and Eminem in an upcoming short film.

According to reports, the project was filmed by two amateur filmmakers.

Hip-hop heavyweight Marion “Suge” Knight has helped boost a pal’s film career by attacking his rap rivals on camera. The former Death Row Records boss is the focus of young filmmakers Jabari Henley and Shane Taylor‘s short, The Mic, which pokes fun at rap stars like Eminem and Dr. Dre. Knight agreed to rant about his rivals as a favor to pal Big U – Henley’s father. (Celebrity Mound)

The project was reportedly filmed in early March.

Producer Josh Sands, who oversaw the project at the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy, says, “Jabari and Shane came to me with this idea and said they could get Suge Knight on camera. I wasn’t convinced but then he just showed up. He was here for about two hours. “He’s a very intimidating character, but a real natural in front of the camera.” The short was shot three weeks ago and has only just been completed – because Knight’s comments had to be heavily edited. (Contact Music)

Although Knight a toll on Em and Dre, legal concerns forced him to omit directly referencing them.

Sands adds, “He doesn’t mention Dr. Dre or Eminem by name but it’s clear who he’s talking about and some of the things he said were really graphic. Legally we couldn’t release some parts of the interview. “In the end we had about five minutes and our plan is to put the film online to help promote the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy.” (News Blaze)

Knight is currently being sought by police for his alleged involvement in a robbery this week.

Detective Jeff Briscoe says 35-year-old Jerold Ellis, who uses the name Yukmouth, reported he was talking to Knight on Monday night in a Woodland Hills supermarket parking lot about a debt that another rapper allegedly owes Knight. Yukmouth filed a police report saying 10 other men arrived, knocked him down and took his watch, medallion and other jewelry worth $92,000. He wasn’t badly hurt and declined medical treatment. Briscoe says Ellis identified Knight as a suspect but later recanted. However, the stolen items haven’t been recovered and the investigation continues. (Associated Press)

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