Suge Knight Pulled Over By Gun-Totting Cops, Weapons Drawn

Suge Knight Pulled Over By Gun-Totting Cops, Weapons Drawn

Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight can breathe a sigh of relief after being pulled over by gun-totting police yesterday (November 29) as the situation all turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

A photo of police surrounding what appears to be a defenseless Knight has hit the Internet.

Crazy photo of Suge Knight assuming the position — LAPD officers pulled him over Friday afternoon … with guns out, but we’re told it was all a case of mistaken identity. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, police had received a report of an assault, and the suspect matched Suge’s description — so when officers spotted Suge in his vehicle … they pulled him over, and jumped out of their patrol car with their guns drawn. (TMZ)

Things could get ugly, however, as reports also suggest Suge may consider legal action.

We’re told Suge agreed to go to the police station, where he explained he wasn’t the man they were looking for … in fact, police now believe the initial report of an assault was bogus. Suge was eventually released … but sources close to the hip hop mogul tell TMZ, he is extremely pissed about the misunderstanding — and is considering filing a lawsuit. (TMZ)

Last year, Suge ran into legal problems with law enforcement out in Las Vegas.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Suge Knight’s in trouble again. The erstwhile Death Row Records impresario was popped in Las Vegas on Wednesday for drug possession during a routine traffic stop. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police tell E! News that Knight (full name Marion Knight Jr.) was pulled over at approximately 5:30 p.m. yesterday when he made an unsafe lane change. Officers ran his name through the system and discovered that he had several bench warrants out for his arrest. (E! Online)

He recently sparked some significant buzz after reuniting with ex-Death Row Records artist Snoop Dogg.

Look how happy Snoop is! The Doggfather-turned-Lion Man reportedly ran into his old Death Row Records label chief Suge Knight at the A.V. Club on Monday night. The above photo was snapped and uploaded to Snoop’s Instagram with the caption: “N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!” The photo sent a ripple through Snoop’s fanbase, with some people torn over their rekindled friendship. (Many still conspire that Knight is accountable for fellow Death Row artist 2Pac’s 1996 passing and that of the Notorious B.I.G. the next year.) (VIBE)