Suge Knight Faces Legal Action Over New “Blackball Records”

Suge Knight Faces Legal Action Over New “Blackball Records”

Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight is reportedly facing legal action after using the name Blackball Records for his new music company.

Suge’s record company name was allegedly copyrighted for nearly seven years.

The original owners of Black Ball Records (slightly different spelling) have fired off a cease and desist letter to Suge, very politely pointing out he has infringed on their copyright. Suge has been using the name since 2008, claims Black Ball, and the two sides have tried to reach a settlement to no avail. Suge’s people tell us they filed for the copyright in 2006, but dropped it earlier this year. The original Blackball Records people say they’ve had it since 2002. (TMZ)

The former Death Row Records head began his latest record company last year.

Suge Knight has started a new record label called “Blackball Records” and has featured it in his new reality show called “Unfinished Business”. The show is based on Knight dispelling long-standing rumors in sit down interviews, his days with Death Row and the artists he worked with, and finding new talent for his record label. No news on the show if any networks have picked it up yet. (Rap Basement)

Past reports stated Mase wanted to join forces with Suge’s label.

According to sources close to the situation, former Bad Boy rapper Mase is once again trying to join a new label. This time, it’s Suge Knight’s new venture, Black Ball Records. Knight, whose Death Row Records is currently locked in bankruptcy proceedings, has recently been developing a reality show called “Unfinished Business”. (Bad Boy Blog)

Suge recently spoke on what he plans to do outside of music.

“I’m gonna be doing some movies, gonna do some music but you know mainly I’ve been around my environment,” he explained in an interview last month. “You know, going back to the stomping grounds that I never left, enjoying it is basically what I’ve been doing. You know, you got a lot new artists out there. I mean Lil Wayne, his stuff is always hot. Even [Young] Jeezy had a cut I liked this year. There’s a lot of artists I feel aren’t really out yet, you got Glasses Malone. Glasses is on his way, same thing with Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey’s gonna do well, Glasses is gonna do extremely well. Jay Rock is gonna do well. More importantly, these top guns nobody knows about, I got some sh*t where it feels like it’s back to the basics kinda how it is when you feel the music, it’s not like so commercial. (Hip Hop Stan)

Knight has not yet responded to the claims made by Black Ball Records.

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