Suge Knight Accused Of Masterminding Murder Plot

Suge Knight Accused Of Masterminding Murder Plot

Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight is being accused of masterminding a botched murder of a California man.

While details are scarce, Knight has reportedly been issued a restraining order.

One day after Suge Knight was released from jail last week, the rap mogul allegedly masterminded a murder plot … this according to legal documents. An L.A. County Superior Court judge has ordered Suge to stay at least 100 yards away from a Los Angeles area man after an allegedly frightening encounter this past Friday. According to legal docs filed Monday, the man claims Suge “had 8 guys come to my house and told them to get me or kill me.” (TMZ)

Eariler this month, Knight was arrested on a weapons charge in California.

Ex-rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested Thursday after he allegedly pointed a gun at a man and then drove off in his Cadillac, police said. Knight, 45, was stopped by California Highway Patrol officers in suburban Gardena at about 12:30 a.m. and immediately turned over to Los Angeles police who swarmed around his white Escalade, according to police and news videos. (Associated Press)

The mogul’s attorney, Marc Brumer, later proclaimed Knight’s innocence.

“He’s innocent, 100 percent,” Brumer said in a phone interview. “Suge Knight is a businessman. He is not a person who would carry a gun or flash a gun at anybody. That’s not Suge Knight…There was never a gun found. He was very cooperative, answered all the questions police had, and we just feel that he shouldn’t have been arrested…There are a lot of people that hate (Knight) and are jealous of what he has obtained in his life.” (CNN)

West Coast rapper Glasses Malone recently spoke with SOHH about Knight’s “bad guy” image.

“Suge’s a good guy,” Glasses explained to SOHH. “Sometimes it just seems so surreal the type of sh*t they say he be doing to people…This dude is a regular dude, like the sh*t that they say this guy be doing, I just can’t [believe] another man letting that type of sh*t happen so sometimes I don’t even understand it because this guy is a good dude, like, I be seeing dude, you feel me? Always showing the love, like man, ‘Do your thing homie.’ He’s always humble to young n*ggas, he always salutes you and you know, I don’t know so sometimes it’s hard to believe that he’s this bad guy but — I ain’t never seen it firsthand so I can’t really talk on the sh*t but he’s always been real respectful to me. Like I said, that dude did a lot for the [West] coast, Death Row [Records], period. Who knows where we would have been if we hadn’t had Death Row Records.” (SOHH)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out a past Suge Knight interview down below:

Suge Knight Interview from on Vimeo.

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