Styles P Hopes NY Takes A Hit, Burns Anti-Marijuana Laws

Styles P Hopes NY Takes A Hit, Burns Anti-Marijuana Laws

With Colorado making history with new marijuana laws, SOHH hit up “I Get High” rap veteran Styles P for his take on the eyebrow-raising government move.

Excited about the state’s unexpected decision, Styles hopes the Empire State follows suit down the road.

“You know I was [excited when Colorado legalized marijuana],” Styles told SOHH. “I was glad for them. I say congratulations to them! That’s a big step, and I hope it spreads. I pray [one day] it [hits New York]!” (SOHH)

Last year, New York rapper Smoke DZA told SOHH he feared marijuana becoming legal.

“I hope not,” Smoke told SOHH when asked if he thinks marijuana will ever be legalized. “I would rather it be decriminalized than legalized. My whole thing is, on that subject, is when you legalize something, you give [the government] a chance to give you whatever they want. It’s just like when Yahoo took over Myspace, it wasn’t that cool any more. Decriminalizing would be the way to go because you could smoke your weed wherever you want and nobody could tell you anything. That’s decriminalizing something. That’s not getting penalized. But when you legalize it and you’re able to buy it over the counter, they’re sprinkling other stuff in the product. It’s probably not the same [levels of] THC you’re going to get. I’m not into legalizing, I’m into decriminalizing.” (SOHH)

Recently, a slew of Atlanta rappers reacted to the big news.

Lil Scrappy: “It would be great if I was still blowing but I’m on chill mode for God. Liquor is legal and less harmful … so [weed] should be legal everywhere too.” Cash Out: “It’s great! I wish they would legalize weed everywhere and there would be way more happy people in this country.” Future: “Hey s**t, I don’t live in Colorado but when I get there for a show we can smoke.” He adds, “They need to bring [this law] to Atlanta.” (TMZ)

Not only can Coloardo residents smoke the drug, but by law, they are allowed to even grow marijuana plants.

It is just a few days since the people of the Centennial state voted , by a majority of 53-47, to legalise cannabis for recreational use and put a sales tax on it. Along with Washington state they were the first in the US to do so. Colorado also went further than both Washington and Amsterdam, allowing its citizens to cultivate up to six cannabis plants in their homes. (Business Insider)

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