Styles P Explains Why LOX Won’t Accept Any Offers Right Now [Video]

Styles P Explains Why LOX Won’t Accept Any Offers Right Now [Video]

The LOX’s Styles P recently updated fans on the status of his crew and why they are turning a cold shoulder to various offers being thrown their way as of late.

According to the “Ghost,” their main focus is on putting out new music and will handle possible offers when the time is right.

“You’ll probably hear a LOX song any day now. We just did some joints for Flex’s mixtape. We’re kinda just working right now, we’re sticking to the original LOX format. People are calling us with offers, but we’re still in work mode and trying to get the work done, then we’ll figure all that out.” (FUSE)

Styles recently hit up SOHH and discussed how his new Float album came together.

“[Producer] Scram Jones introduced me to the people over at High Times [Magazine and Records]. They turned out to be really cool people, I went over to the High Times facility and got to know the people over there. So the idea of putting an album together working with them was a no-brainer. The people over there were really cool people and they had the same common interests as me, that’s been through what I’ve been through and the love my music so for me, it was really simple to go over and f*ck with them with an album. I have to give a lot of credit to Scram for putting the whole idea of doing an album. He threw all of that together, to be honest with you.” (SOHH)

The rap veteran also credited producer Scram Jones for ultimately encouraging him to turn their collaborations into a full-length project.

“I remember I was over at Scram’s crib one day, he doesn’t live too far from where I live, I went over there because I just wanted to snatch a beat because when I’m around him I can knock out like three joints. So he was like, “You want to knock some sh*t out?” And I was like, “Yeah, cool. Bet.” He was telling me he had some sh*t with High Times and I told him I f*ck with High Times. It’s a no-brainer given my relationship with weed. He was like, ‘Oh, okay!’ That sh*t made perfect sense. I made sure to hang out with them, going out to the Cannabis Cup [2013 in Denver] and that let me know it made even more sense. It was something I wanted to do. The Float album is complete and ready to go. It’s a vibe to it when you sit down and listen to the album. If you’re hearing the songs I’ve got like “Hater Love,” you know how it’s going. If you f*ck with me and you f*ck with my lyrics, then you know what the sound’s going to be like.” (SOHH)

LOX group member Jadakiss recently talked about staying busy working on his upcoming Top 5 Dead Or Alive LP.

“Definitely the name of my next album will be Top 5 Dead or Alive,” Kiss confirmed in an interview. “I’m probably, 70, 75 percent finished. I got about 5 or 6 more tracks to cut then we should be good. [Release date?] Hopefully mid to end of summer. You know. I don’t want to bump no heads with no big wigs that’s going to steal all the radio and retail spots. Marketing is very important just as much as the music. So once you get yourself a nice body of work which you feel comfortable with, you have to sit down with your staff and put a very good marketing plan together too because the labels really go off your movement. As much as you put in the work, they’ll get on that bandwagon and push it from there, but if you just sitting around, waiting for a record label to go over there — that ain’t how the industry is moving right now.” (Power 99)

Check out Styles P’s interview:

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