Sticky Fingaz Admits To Shooting Rapper, “It Was An Accident & Sh*t Happens” [Video]

Sticky Fingaz Admits To Shooting Rapper, “It Was An Accident & Sh*t Happens” [Video]

Onyx frontman Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones recently confirmed early reports that he shot fellow rapper Luce Cannon in the leg and said his friend Luce is “good” and “alive.”

The incident reportedly took place last week.

When Sticky was showing off his baby Desert Eagle to Luce — the gun accidentally went off and shot Luce in the leg. The bullet shattered the bone in Luce’s shin and he had to have surgery. He’s doing fine now, but the bullet is still lodged in his leg and he’s going back this week for a second opinion. No charges were filed — the two are still friends and Luce calls the whole thing “a freak accident.” “Sh*t happens,” Sticky said in an on-street interview. “Accidents happen. It’s as simple as that, it was an accident and sh*t happens. He’s good, he’s good. He’s alive.” (TMZ)

Sticky was previously arrested in 2005 on gun charges in New York City.

Jones was arrested on a charge that he left an unlicensed handgun in a Manhattan hotel room, police said. He surrendered to police and was awaiting arraignment on one count of criminal weapon possession. Police said Jones had been staying at the Flatotel, a luxury hotel a few blocks from Times Square, and left a 9mm pistol behind when he checked out. Hotel staff discovered the weapon and called police. Jones, 35, and originally from Queens, was not licensed to carry the weapon, said police detective Kevin Czartoryski. (Fox News)

Aside from music, Sticky made a name for himself as an actor.

Jones was featured in the 2004 movie Flight of the Phoenix. He appeared in the FX TV series “Over There,” about American soldiers in Iraq. He played a character named Smoke who enlists in the Army to avoid a prison sentence. (San Francisco Gate)

In addition to Onxy projects, the rapper has also released his own solo albums.

His first solo album, Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones, which was released in 2000, is a conceptual album that is cinematic in scope that tells the story of Kirk Jones, a down-on-his-luck ex-con who finds himself wrapped up in the street life. The record stands as an impressive debut that blends Sticky Fingaz’ two loves: film and hip-hop. Decade, released on D3 Entertainment, followed in 2003. It didn’t fare nearly as well as the debut, but it did crack the Billboard 200. (All Music)

Check out Sticky’s on-street interview about the shooting below:

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