Steve Jobs’ Cause Of Death Explained

Steve Jobs’ Cause Of Death Explained

Last week’s passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has once again been examined as his death certificate has now been made public, explaining what caused his untimely demise.

According to the certificate, Jobs passed away after going into respiratory arrest.

Steven P. Jobs died at home in Palo Alto, Calif., of respiratory arrest caused by a pancreatic tumor at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, according to his death certificate. The Santa Clara County Public Health Department in San Jose, Calif., issued the death certificate on Monday. Respiratory arrest was listed as the immediate cause of death, with “metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor” listed as the underlying cause. Mr. Jobs died five years after the onset of the tumor, according to the certificate. No autopsy was performed. Mr. Jobs was buried at a nondenominational cemetery in Santa Clara County on Friday. (New York Times)

Additional reporting claims the innovator’s health concerns started increasing around the mid-2000’s.

Jobs, who had struggled with pancreatic cancer for several years and who resigned as CEO of Apple on August 24 to deal with his health issues, died five years after the onset of the pancreatic tumor. Doctors determined that he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2003, and he underwent a liver transplant in 2009. (MTV)

Last week, Young Money’s Lil Wayne released a 28-minute public service announcement reflecting on Jobs’ impact on today’s society.

“I don’t know a person that hasn’t been influenced in some sort of way by this man,” Wayne said in his public service announcement. “We lost that man, and I think we lost him too soon, honestly a lot too soon ’cause I’m quite sure there’s a bunch of people who don’t know who I’m talking about. And that’s when you’ve lost someone too soon, when there’s people that don’t know the greatness of someone — I wonder if motherfu**ers really remember me for the innovator I am.” (Derick G)

His passing made headlines worldwide late Wednesday (October 5) evening.

Apple Inc co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, counted among the greatest American CEOs of his generation, died on Wednesday at the age of 56, after a years-long and highly public battle with cancer and other health issues. Jobs’ death was announced by Apple in a statement late on Wednesday. The homepage featured a black-and-white picture of him with the words “Steve Jobs, 1955-2011.” A survivor of a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he was deemed the heart and soul of a company that rivals Exxon Mobil as the most valuable in America. (Reuters)

Check out Lil Wayne speaking on Steve Jobs below:


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