Stacey Dash Sheds Her Clothes, Takes Steamy “Dip” In New Comedy Clip [Video]

Stacey Dash Sheds Her Clothes, Takes Steamy “Dip” In New Comedy Clip [Video]

Hollywood actress Stacey Dash put her thespian skills to work in a new online clip called “The Dip” which showcases the former Clueless star in an array of hysterical scenarios.

The new clip bubbled online heading into the weekend and places sole emphasis on a fictional day in the life of Dash.

Writer/director Abe Schwartz recently put together a funny short starring none other than actress Stacey Dash, titled “Stacey Dash Is Normal: The Dip.” The first clip in the series is partially inspired by the Seth Godin book, The Dip, which Schwartz writes is “a concept we’re exploring in which Stacey plays an over-the-top version of herself.” In the debut clip, her daughter is celebrating her 9th birthday, but she’s not invited … “Alone at home with her pug mix and a raging libido, Stacey fumbles through a day that keeps getting worse. ‘The Dip’ is an introduction to the awkward, conflicted world of ‘Stacey Dash Is Normal.'” (Baller Status)

Reportedly launched in conjunction with HuffingtonPost and Funny or, fans can expect even more similar antics from the Hollywood diva.

I’ve been a fan of Stacey’s since she was hilarious in Clueless. Since I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve learned that she’s even more unintentionally hilarious. I can’t think of anyone else with her looks at her age (46!) who’s able to get a reaction from people so effortlessly. It’s fascinating to me. STACEY DASH IS NORMAL is a concept we’re exploring in which Stacey plays an over-the-top version of herself. We recently released ateaser trailer, and the plan is to continue to experiment with different ways in which Stacey can butt heads with people, pets, inanimate objects, whatever. (Huffington Post)

Last year, Stacey caught heat after publicly vouching for former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan phoned Stacey Dash this week to thank her for her support after the actress endured racially tinged threats on Twitter over her public support of Mitt Romney. “He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave, and that they support me. I thought that was just so generous, and kind, you know? Lovely, really,” Dash told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday night. Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and Romney’s running mate, tweeted on Tuesday evening that they had “a great conversation.” (The Hill)

In light of the backlash, West Coast rapper Game stepped up in her defense.

“I don’t understand what everybody’s gripe is with that,” he said. “We live in the world [where] we try as people to become more non-racial. Every black person in the world doesn’t support Obama. …Why are we slamming her? Maybe she has different views and opinions, she should be entitled.” (CBS Local)

Check out the Huffington Post & Funny or Die versions:

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