Stacey Dash Says “House Arrest” Movie W/ Game Got Dumped, “They Didn’t Have Enough Money”

Stacey Dash Says “House Arrest” Movie W/ Game Got Dumped, “They Didn’t Have Enough Money”

Actress Stacey Dash has revealed her House Arrest film, which co-starred Game, ran out of financial funds and will likely not be released.

While not offering too many details, Dash said the movie did finish its recording process.

“We did a movie together [a year ago]–that I’m pretty sure is not coming out–and became friends,” Dash said about befriending Game. “I don’t even want to talk about, if it comes out great, if it doesn’t fine. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money to make a movie and they tried. We did finish I think. It was not a very…I don’t know if it’s coming out.” (VIBE)

Reports of their movie made headlines last summer.

Beautiful cover model/actress Stacey Dash teams up and locks lips with renowned and often controversial rapper The Game to star inHouse Arrest a “dramedy” as director Billy Washingtondescribes it. High maintenance girl meets quick money scheming man. Up the road and down the hill they go like Jack and Jill facing drama, after drama after drama. Cast includes: Stacey Dash, The Game, Kiera Washington, Red Grant, Bebe Drake, Theron Benymon, Shelli Boone, Cory Bievin and more. (Hip Hop Press)

In addition to starring in films like Waist Deep and Street Kings, Game was previously featured in the film Belly 2.

The sequel to 1999’s Belly starring West Coast rapper The Game skipped a theatrical release and hit retail stores yesterday (August 12). Titled Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club, the film stars the Black Wall Street leader alongside actress Shari Headley and is based in Compton, California. It places Game as “G,” a recently released convict who gets back in to the drug game, who meets Headley’s character, Alexis, who is secretly an undercover DEA agent. Both withholding the truth about their actual occupations, their love relationship takes a dramatic turn as a twist is found at the end of the movie. (SOHH)

Preparing for the release of his R.E.D. Album, Game dropped a Red Room mixtape last week.

“The mixtape is like an album,” Game said in an interview. “DJ Skee is hosting it and he hit me like 20 minutes ago and was like ‘Wow,’ and I’m like ‘Wow what?’ and he’s like, ‘The sh*t you gave me is crazy. I just finished downloading everything and am starting to water it.’ He’s like ‘It’s crazy,’ and that’s how mixtapes should be. I’m glad that ‘400 Bars’ is the featured song off of there and everybody loves it because now I can follow that up with hood smashes.” (Rap-Up TV)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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