Special To SOHH: In The Age Of Barack Obama, Rhymefest Asks “Who’s Assimilating?”

Special To SOHH: In The Age Of Barack Obama, Rhymefest Asks “Who’s Assimilating?”

In honor of Black History Month, Rhymefest explores the effects that having an African-American family in the white house is having on dark-skinned people worldwide.

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Have you ever seen a YouTube video of the Fair and Lovely commercials? It’s a whitening cream that’s wildly popular in places such as India where the caste system reigns supreme:

For centuries, a large part of the world has viewed darker skinned people as lower class, and not worthy of being in the hierarchies of their societies even though darker skinned people outnumber the fairer in places such as Cuba, South Africa, Brazil,Venezuela, etc.

Growing up I’ve often heard Black women explain that the media standard of beauty was light to white skin, “good” hair, and rail-thin body types. Hell, it took fair skinned J.Lo to bring a nice shaped backside to the mainstream. When in all actuality, the black community has been celebrating these types of figures for years!

Black people around the world have been trying our damndest to assimilate to Western standards of beauty and culture. Nothing pisses me off more than when I see Black immigrants migrate to Europe, and fervently deny their heritage in favor of calling themselves French or British.

Well, my Negroidian friends, I bring good tidings from America.

You no longer have to deny or kill yourselves to assimilate.

For we have now an unapologetic Black family as the leader of our country and essentially the free world.

Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Obama.


Have you seen Michelle’s bump in a dress? YEP. BLACK! Have you seen our president razor trim hairline? YEP. BLACK!

Even the Republican National Committee (RNC) just elected as its leader a shiny, black intellectual named Michael Steele. This is a party with a 9% black vote that prided itself on racial division. Our new first family may actually be encouraging the world to assimilate to Blackness!

It would be very interesting to see how many countries now would be willing to accept elect bright, capable, Black leaders. There’s even a movement in Iraq of Black Iraqis beginning to run for office after years of not believing that it would be possible.

But because of America’s first Black family, they have the hope. For far too long another group of people have been ashamed of admiring the beauty in the Black. Now it is the world’s turn to assimilate to America’s example.

In the words of Michelle Obama: “For the first time in my adult life, I can say that I am truly proud of my country.”

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