Soulja Boy’s Landlord Tells Em To Hop Up Out The Bed, Slapped W/ Eviction Notice

Soulja Boy’s Landlord Tells Em To Hop Up Out The Bed, Slapped W/ Eviction Notice

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em appears to be falling on hard times these days as new reports claim he has been issued an eviction notice for failing to pay his rent.

According to reports, Soulja Boy owes nearly $5,000 for his Atlanta crib and has 72 hours to pay up.

A rough year for Soulja Boy is about to get rougher — he’s been served with an eviction notice, TMZ has learned. Soulja’s 2011 has included … lying about buying a private jet, pissing off the military with one of his songs and getting arrested for allegedly carrying weed and a gun in a briefcase. Now TMZ has learned the rapper, real name DeAndre Way, has not paid his November rent for his Atlanta pad — a whopping $4,725 — so he’s been served with eviction papers. Soulja has until December 5 to pay up, or risk getting thrown out. (TMZ)

Soulja Boy’s latest woe comes weeks after he was arrested in Georgia on gun and drug-related charges.

Ironically, the only person Soulja Boy spoke briefly to on the matter, when I was around, was his celebrity friend, Justin Bieber, who shared a phone conversation with the rapper. “What about the whole jail thing?” Bieber — who was apparently with Sean Kingston at the time — asked Soulja Boy, while on speaker phone. Soulja Boy calmly told Bieber that his lawyer got everything straight. “We will be praying for you,” Bieber responded before sharing his excitement of his new Cadillac. (Billboard)

In mid-October, Soulja Boy proclaimed his innocence in the case.

Soulja Boy was arrested Tuesday, October 18 morning on marijuana and gun possession charges. The 21-year-old rapper, however, is adamant he’s innocent. In fact, he proclaimed his innocence to his screaming fans when he walked out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond later that day. “I’m innocent man. I love you all. I just want you’ll to know I’m innocent,” declared the “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” MC, whose real name is DeAndre Way. CBS Atlanta detailed that he made the quick statement while being escorted to an awaiting car outside a bail bond company by his bodyguards. (Ace Showbiz)

A day prior, he hopped on Twitter to send fans an open apology.

“aye can I have a real n*gga moment? my fans was DEEP AS F*CK OUTSIDE THAT JAIL MAN IM SORRY!!! thats love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” he tweeted early Wednesday. (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Soulja Boy Tell Em footage down below:

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