Soulja Boy Transfers Blame To Nas For Hip-Hop’s Death, “He Came Out And Killed Everybody’s Money”

Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em recently argued that Nas should be taken to task for rap’s so-called destruction instead of him.

In a recent video where he discusses hip-hop with his friends, Soulja Boy tackled the past claims by Ice-T and others who said the “Crank That” rapper single-handedly destroyed the state of hip-hop.

“Real talk, the n*gga that killed hip-hop was Nas,” Soulja Boy said. “He came out publicly and said, ‘Hip-Hop is dead,’ and then after that everybody started saying hip-hop is dead. ‘Cause think about it, if Nas would have never said hip-hop is dead, then motherf*ckers would have never thought anything about it.”

Referring to the title of Nas’ 2006 album, Hip-Hop Is Dead, Soulja Boy said the rap veteran’s claims ultimately impacted the careers of hip-hop artists.

“He probably wasn’t feeling how the music was going,” Soulja Boy added. “He came out and killed everybody’s money. He killed his own career with that sh*t. He shoulda thought about that sh*t though.”

While not suggesting artists should censor their opinions, Soulja Boy referenced other emcees who have been successful at their own self-claims.

“Just like T.I., he said he’s the king of the south, can’t nobody take that from him ’cause he the king of the south. Lil’ Wayne says I’m the best rapper alive. N*ggas don’t argue with that n*gga, but at the end of the day, they gonna say Lil’ Wayne’s the best rapper alive ’cause he started saying that sh*t.”Offering a few final words, Soulja Boy suggested Nas and President Bush‘s actions in their respective fields closely resemble one another.
“You see how George Bush f*cked up America, it’s the same way Nas did with hip-hop,” Soulja Boy compared. “N*gga came out with Hip-Hop Is Dead and f*cked up everything. But you see how Lil’ Wayne came right back and sold a million albums in a week and proved Nas wrong.”

In related news, Soulja Boy recently won big at the Online Hip-Hop Awards 2008. Here you can see him accepting the award for King of the Net.

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