Soulja Boy Tell Em Wipes Out His Twitter Page

Soulja Boy Tell Em Wipes Out His Twitter Page

Teen rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em‘s Twitter page has mysteriously disappeared after having over two million followers on the popular social network.

According to reports, the rapper deleted his page sometime over the weekend.

Well, it seems if nothing else, Rapper Soulja Boy and pop star Miley Cyrus have one thing in common : they’ve both deleted their Twitter accounts. Miley deleted her Twitter account a few months ago and as of tonight apparently Soulja Boy will no longer be tweeting either. He’s decide to say See ya later to Twitter and instead he’ll use social media sites such as Myspace to his full advantage. It’s not clear why the “Turn my swag on” rapper decided to close his Twitter account, but I’m sure there is a valid reason which will reveal itself in the days to come. (Gather)

Additional reports suggest he was a victim to negative tweets.

Although the rapper has yet-to-reveal his reasoning for deleting his Twitter account, the website was abuzz with the news, as the rapper quickly became a trending topic. The rapper caught a lot of negative feedback from people on Twitter using the hash tag #ifsouljaboysarapper. The move could also cost Soulja Boy thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Soulja Boy and Kim Kardashian were the highest paid celebrity tweeters, earning up to $10,000 per-tweet. (All Hip Hop)

Last December, Soulja Boy promised he would never delete his page.

“I was thinking about that last night man,” Soulja Boy told radio personality Tim Westwood. “I just think, I don’t know man, you see Miley Cyrus deleted hers and then when he did it I was just thinking like ‘Who’s gonna be next to delete their Twitter?’ I don’t never say never because you never know, one day I might just wake-up and be like I don’t wanna be on Twitter no more but right now, nah, I don’t think I’d ever delete my Twitter. I work hard for them followers, the 1.9 milli’s baby. They gonna be disappointed in me man.” (Tim Westwood TV)

He also wrote on Twitter last winter with a reaction to Chris Brown deleting his page.

“@vegasodmg i know man, im talkin 100millions omg,” he wrote on Twitter last night. “1st Miley then Chris.. who’s next? @jack amazing. PrettyBoyGMoney wtf??? This *igga Soulja Boy Got More Followers Than Tom Got Friends On Myspace #d*mnshame.” (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Soulja Boy interview below:

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