Soulja Boy Tell Em On Hiring Unknown Producers, “I Keep My Ear To The Street”

Soulja Boy Tell Em On Hiring Unknown Producers, “I Keep My Ear To The Street”

Southern rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has explained his decision to reach out to relatively unknown producers for his upcoming Dre album.

Citing the success of his debut,, the rapper said he is keen to doing the unexpected.

“I usually produce all of my own records,” he revealed in an interview. “My most successful record was 100-percent me–I wrote and produced it. I’ve been producing for myself and I’m starting to get more respect; having parties reach out and ask me for beats. I want to change up my thing a bit and I know even with the talent I got, there are some things that I can’t do that other producers can bring to the table…I keep my ear to the street. I like to play it by ear and I don’t rate another producer because of his stats. If I hear a hot beat in the street that I can get versus a wack beat from a hot named producer; which one I’ma do?” (XXL Mag)

He recently discussed what differences fans will notice on his third solo project.

“This one, my lyrics are better, my lyrics are on another level,” Soulja Boy said in an interview. “My beats are on another level. I’m richer. I look better and I’m more successful, it’s an upgrade. I been in the studio with Kanye, rocking. I haven’t been in the studio with Rihanna yet, but she said she wants to get something done. Shouts out to Drake, been in the studio with Drake. Been in the studio with Nicki Minaj, I got something. Shouts out to Trey Songz, I was just in the studio with him. I got something on there. Ray J, Snoop Dogg, that’s about it.” (BET)

The rapper’s producer, DJ Woogie, recently talked about his upcoming summer album.

“It’s gonna be ‘legendary,'” Woogie said in an interview. “He has a lot of hot records on there [like this song] called ‘Making The Cut’ that is on the album. You know, Soulja Boy has grown since the time he did ‘Crank Dat’ to now…He’s grown a lot. He’s learned a lot more about the rap game and [has] said that himself in some of his raps. He said that he learned more, and people thought he was wack. He became more versatile, and look at him now. Everybody wants a favor; everybody wants a freestyle, or a feature. People used to sleep on the kid, now everybody is on ‘em more or less to say!” (All Hip Hop)

Besides his album, Soulja Boy is also preparing to embark on a new tour.

“Right now, I got dates then I’m going overseas, like, I’m going to Brazil for like three days but that’s like it,” Soulja Boy explained in an interview. “But when I do the tour, I’m really just trying to conquer the whole United States because I be checking my Twitter and I be checking all my little FaceBook messages and it be like a lot of people that ain’t seen me perform that really wanna see me…So I got to get every city, for the people, just cause. And then after I do that, I’m gonna branch out overseas.” (Vlad TV)

Check out Soulja Boy & Snoop Dogg’s “Pronto” down below:

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