Soulja Boy Still Pissy Over Grammy Loss To Kanye West, “[I] Should Have Got That”

Soulja Boy Still Pissy Over Grammy Loss To Kanye West, “[I] Should Have Got That”

Southern rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has revealed harbored frustrations over losing a 2008 Grammy award to Kanye West.

According to Soulja Boy, he deserved to win a Grammy for his 2007 hit, “Crank Dat”.

The rapper’s breakthrough song, “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)”, was up for the best rap song Grammy in 2008, but lost to West’s party anthem, the T-Pain-assisted “Good Life”. Soulja Boy says initially he “wasn’t really thinking about it” and was optimistic that he would “get it next year.” Now, the 20-year-old says while recording his recently released third album, “The DeAndre Way,” he felt like “he should have got that Grammy.” (Associated Press)

While West has received 14 Grammy nods throughout his career, Soulja Boy has only garnered a single nomination.

Thinking optimistically, Soulja recorded the song, “Grammy” on his latest release, The Deandre Way, in a plea to win something the next time he’s eligible. (Since his disc came out on November 30, 2010, he missed the September 30 cut off date for this year’s ceremony). SB has not been nominated for the prestigious award since his debut in 2008. (XXL Mag)

Soulja Boy’s new album, The DeAndre Way, debuted on the sales chart during its opening week last year.

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em’s The DeAndre Way also debuted on the chart at No. 90. With seven days down, the rapper’s new album has sold 13,400 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Despite the negative perception of selling just over 13,000 records in his opening week, Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden spoke up for Soulja Boy.

“When he has done so much more than that,” Budden asked in an open debate regarding Soulja Boy’s 13,400 first-week sales. “Soulja Boy is getting his money from other areas — A recession has something to do with it because every one of these n*ggas drop 70 percent the very next week. I don’t think [sales] are any reflection of the music at all. Sales have absolutely nothing to do with music. He’s 20-years-old on the Forbes list. What are you talking about right now? Clearly he’s not making his money [from album sales]. He’s getting his money from elsewhere. But it all starts from the music. I’m lost as to why we’re standing around saying, ‘D*mn, Soulja Boy sold 13,000 copies.’ Soulja Boy is standing somewhere saying, ‘Word.’ There’s nothing to say when you’re counting money. Soulja Boy’s not mad. His label’s not mad. Nobody that has anything to do with Soulja Boy is mad. Trust me. Trust me, nobody involved with Soulja Boy, in his camp, is mad. Nobody. Soulja Boy is a 20 year-old millionaire. Let’s really start putting things into perspective here. I can’t imagine what that’s like.” (JumpOff TV)

Listen to Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Grammy” down below:

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