Soulja Boy Speaks On World-Wide Swagger, “I Want People To Understand My Story” [Video]

Soulja Boy Speaks On World-Wide Swagger, “I Want People To Understand My Story” [Video]

Soulja Boy Tell Em recently discussed his goals within hip-hop and why he would like his music to reach beyond the teen set.

The Southern-bred emcee also justified his recent success due to a non-stop “grind” and work ethic.

“I know all of the kids know who I am and all of the teenagers are like hipped to my music,” Soulja Boy explained. “I wanna be bigger than life…I want my music to be spread all over, you know. All ages…I want people to understand my story, like my life story of, like my story is really a one in a million like for me really coming from the ground all the way from the bottom to all the way to the top. Me basically, I’m really just a self-made millionaire because the way I got into the entertainment industry is different than everybody else for me using my Internet marketing abilities, from MySpace, to having over 70 million views on my MySpace page.” (My Fox News)

The rap star’s sophomore album has begun moving up the charts, returning to the Top 50 in Sales Wrap this week.

Making a surprise visit back within Top 50 is Soulja Boy’s iSouljaBoyTellem which moved eight slots up to No. 50 with 9,900. After 20 weeks in stores, the rapper’s sophomore project has sold 226,000. (SOHH)

Having gone head-to-head with new emcees like Charles Hamilton to rap veterans along the likes of Ice-T, Soulja Boy recently spoke on his hip-hop presence.

“You always gonna face different chapters that you go through in life, period, with whatever you’re doing,” he explained in an interview. “Haters come with every job and whatever you’re doing in life, so you just got to do what you do. I just outshined all my haters. I done had beef with a lot of different artists, I done had a lot of artists done had different opinions about my music but at the end of the day though, it’s gonna take a whole lot to stop me. I done ended a lot of n*ggas’ careers, you feel me? And before I get out the game, I’ma cause hell.” (Rolling Out TV)

The rapper is currently in the studio preparing his third album, The DeAndre Way.

“The concept [is] my way of thinking, my logic, my theory on a lot of things,” he said in an interview. “It’s basically my interpretation on life. I’ma tell life stories. I done seen a lot of things in my life. Just to be how young I am, 18 years old, I made my first million at 16. I’m a natural-born hustler. That’s all I do is get money. No matter what situation I’m in, I’ma grind it out, I’ma get to the money, always think positive, always take care of my people, always take care of my family, and I’m gonna make good music. I can give a f*ck about haters. I ain’t going nowhere but to the top.” (Ace Showbiz)

Check out Soulja Boy’s interview below:

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