Soulja Boy Says Going Broke’s No Joke: “I’m A Millionaire W/ A Hood Mindset”

Soulja Boy Says Going Broke’s No Joke: “I’m A Millionaire W/ A Hood Mindset”

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently delved into his financial stability and why he is too smart, and cheap, to ever go broke after a short run in the music industry.

According to SB, he cashed-in on the first million bucks while still in his teenage years.

“I feel like it ain’t nobody’s business, but at the same time, I’m sitting on M’s. You got some rappers, that’s been rapping 10-plus years, they just now getting their first million,” SB said when asked about the reality of his financial situation. “My first year I started off, I did my first million dollars when I was 17. Of course that’s going to come with some haters. Look at Perez Hilton, how old he is? 35? 34? Lying about a 17-year-old. Blogging about a 17-year-old with a million dollars. You don’t think he wishes he had a million dollars at 17? But who cares? As long as I’m handling my business, and as long as I know I got M’s stashed up, I feel like I’m in the Matrix. I feel like I got unlimited money. I feel like Rick Ross–I’m going to be rich forever. My hustle is just so immaculate. If I go broke today, and I have zero dollars in the bank account today, I have so much work that I could go do, that I’m going to make it right back.” (Complex)

The 22 year-old rapper also credited his tendency of being a cheap spender for helping keep a large sum of money in the bank for rainy days.

“Yeah, man. Look at the ones that came and went before me. Look at all the one-hit wonders and all the people that were hot at one time and ain’t hot no more,” Soulja added. “You have to learn from that. And at the same time, to be honest: I’m a cheap a** n*gga. I’m a millionaire that live with a hood mindset. ‘Cause I still feel like I’m in the hood. Once you’ve been broke before, you had no money, you had nothing to eat, you had no car, nobody wanted to give you nothing, once you get rich, you ain’t going to go that broke. You got a lot of n*ggas that was silver spoon fed, and born rich and born with money, and if they go broke, they’re gonna kill themselves. But I know what it feel like to be broke. I’m not trying to go back there.” (Complex)

Just a week ago, Soulja boasted about winning $200,000 in a high stakes Super Bowl XLVII bet.

Soulja Boy HIT IT BIG last night … coming up victorious on a $200k Super Bowl bet thanks to the Baltimore Ravens … and the rapper says he already has a plan to spend the money. Soulja was hanging out with Sean Kingston in L.A. last night after the game … and explained why he felt so confident bettin’ on the birds. It’s pretty solid logic. So what’s he gonna do with his winnings? The 22-year-old says he plans on dividing the money between his retirement account and a low-risk mutual fund … JUST KIDDING HE’S GONNA BLOW IT ON SOMETHING REALLY EXPENSIVE!!!! (TMZ)

A couple years ago, fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike spoke to SOHH and killed the idea of Soulja only making money off album sales.

“I like Soulja Boy, I always have,” Mike told SOHH. “I don’t really have no opinion on record sales because I don’t understand [them]. I can’t lie to you and tell you I can’t believe that some of this isn’t designed. The same time Soulja Boy sells 13,000 physical copies, he probably sells a quarter million, half million if not more ring tones. So I think record companies are still making a gang of money off Soulja Boy. I don’t think anybody’s sad over there. I mean the record company or anyone around his team. So I mean, sh*t happens. Soulja Boy’s gonna keep dominating.” (SOHH)

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