Soulja Boy Responds To V-Nasty’s “Fake” Disses [Video]

Soulja Boy Responds To V-Nasty’s “Fake” Disses [Video]

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em is letting the world know he caught wind of West Coast hip-hop artist V-Nasty‘s recent disses toward him but is promising to fall back from entertaining the dispute.

Rather than offer up a response to Nasty, SB said he is willing to take the road less traveled.

Soulja Boy surprisingly takes the high road when it comes to his latest beef, which makes us ask: “What have they done with Soulja Boy!?!!!” We want the old Soulja back! VIBE caught up with the rapper on the red carpet at Game’s birthday earlier in the week where he was asked about the harsh words Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob affiliate V-Nasty had for him. (The femcee called him a “fake a** industry rapper.”) “What would I look like fighting with a girl?” Soulja Boy tells VIBE in what can only be called a major turn for the rapper known for dissing anything that walks. Soulja Boy you tell ‘em! (VIBE)

Earlier in the week, the female rapper publicly took aim at Soulja Boy.

“We got clones in 2012 !!! There can only be one VNASTY ! F*ck knowin how to rap I’m really from these streets where is your respect at ?,” Nasty tweeted Monday.

“I’m callin these fake a** industry rappers out, @souljaboy hw yo b*tch harder then yu she prolly wrote that nu religion I f*ck with @diamond”

“I gotta half a mill on @ChrisBREEZY AND @souljaboy fight !!!!”

“I got real street n*ggas behind me why would I need a fake a** rapper” (V-Nasty’s Twitter)

She also went at rap veteran David Banner on 2011’s “Food Plug” track.

“Got more bricks then houses in Atlanta. D*mn, how a white b*tch more hood than David Banner?” That was the little shot that V-Nasty sent out towards David Banner on “Food Plug,” which is off of BAYTL, her collaboration album with Gucci Mane. (Global Grind)

Last year, the West Coast white rapper caught heat over her usage of the N-Word.

“I’m even thinking about giving up [saying the n-word],” Nasty said in a video. “I’m not faking [when I say it]…It’s diversity. OK? It’s crazy because I’ll be with my partners doing my everyday thing, but now, everybody’s making it known, like, ‘Oh, she said the n-word and she’s white.’ You feel me? Now, I’m seeing that it’s different other places, so when I be in the hood doing my regular thing with my best friend, I shouldn’t even be thinking about that sh*t. They the ones making me think about this sh*t, bruh. I ain’t never thought about no colors or nothing, bruh. Y’all motherf*ckers are racist, man.” (Persona Magazine)

Check out Soulja Boy Tell Em below:

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