Soulja Boy Remembers Jam Master Jay, “He Brought 50 Cent In The Game, So I Can’t Say Nothing But My Respect”

Soulja Boy Remembers Jam Master Jay, “He Brought 50 Cent In The Game, So I Can’t Say Nothing But My Respect”

Southern rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has paid homage to the memory of late hip-hop pioneer Jam Master Jay as today marks the eighth anniversary since his passing in 2002.

Despite only being 20 years-old, Soulja Boy acknowledged Jam Master’s contributions to the rap game.

“My whole thoughts on it is rest in peace Jam Master Jay,” said the Atlanta-based MC. “You know, I’ve been taking a lot of advice from 50 [Cent]–me and 50 been in the studio working on my album–and I know 50 came up under Jam Master Jay. He brought 50 in the game, so you know I can’t say nothing but my respect to him, and I know he did a lot for hip-hop…When I talk to dudes like 50 Cent, and we’re working on songs or other business outside of music industry, it’s always things that you can learn. You always think you know it all, but you don’t.” (Rap Fix)

Jay’s son has also reflected on what his father has done for hip-hop.

As a DJ himself, Mizell Jr. explained that he is not trying to hide from his hip-hop lineage, choosing to embrace his father by working under the moniker Jam Master Jayson. The 24-year-old is slowly building a name for himself in the music industry but realizes that filling his father’s shoes is a huge undertaking. “My father did so much, he was ground breaking. They [Run-D.M.C.] did everything first. Who can measure up to something like that?” “It’s lots of DJs in this world,” he continued. “My father made a lot of people wanna [DJ] but you know it still takes time for me. Last week I did B.B. Kings, that’s one of the biggest hip-hip clubs in New York right now.” (The Boom Box)

New York radio personality DJ Envy hit up Twitter and shared his memory of Jay.

“#JamMasterJay RIP.1 of the greatest from queen, 1st time I met him..he said hey I love ur mixtapes Im JMJ..I said ur my god..we died laughin,” he tweeted Saturday (October 30). (DJ Envy’s Twitter)

Since the iconic deejay was fatally shot in 2002 outside of a Queens, New York studio, Jay’s murder still remains a mystery.

Police sources tell NBCNewYork witnesses have not come forward out of fear for their own lives. At least two people in the studio at the time of the murder saw the killer’s face, yet no one will point a finger. The motive is still unknown, but investigators have discounted an early theory that the killing was based on a hip-hop dispute. (NBC News)

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