Soulja Boy Recalls Fabolous Dispute, “We Could Put The Sh*t On Wax”

Soulja Boy Recalls Fabolous Dispute, “We Could Put The Sh*t On Wax”

Southern rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently reflected on his short-lived dispute against Fabolous which took place over the summer and how prepared he was to drop some battle raps.

Although Soulja Boy admits he was down to exchange bars with the punchline emcee, the “Pretty Boy Swag” hitmaker said they will now likely collaborate together.

“Yeah man, I was ready to take it to hip-hop,” Soulja said in an interview. “We could put the sh*t on wax, man. And that coulda – But hey, I ain’t got nothing against Fabolous. Fabolous [is] the homie. He was just joking around… Shouts out to Fabolous. We fin to do a song [together] real soon.” (Hip Hop DX)

In early September, Fab playfully taunted Soulja Boy on Twitter.

“Jus finished my 3rd photo shoot of the day. Now that I’m finished I can finally pay some attention to a 19yr old cokehead named @SouljaBoy,” Fab tweeted September 7th.

“#SouljasCokeHabit made him talk sh*t about me on twitter. Then he sobered up, and deleted the tweets#TypicalCokeHeadSh*t”

“Let me find out,#SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine’d out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out..” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Soulja Boy had hurled tweet-taunts toward Fab which eventually caught his attention.

“he better stfu before i send my young n*gga Lil B to murder his a** lyrically,” Soulja Boy tweeted early Tuesday (September 7) morning.

“I will murder that n*gga fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to soulja boy.” (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Soulja Boy and Fab later appeared on radio personality DJ Clue‘s Power 105.1 show to squash their issues.

“I thought that he was taking shots at me, when it was just jokes. It was a misunderstanding, a mis-communication,” Soulja Boy said on the radio on Wednesday (September 8) night. “I’m about making money.” (Power 105.1)

Check out Fabolous speaking on Soulja Boy below:

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