Soulja Boy Opens Up About Lil Bro’s Death, “My Other Brother Threatened To Take His Life”

Soulja Boy Opens Up About Lil Bro’s Death, “My Other Brother Threatened To Take His Life”

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has delved further into the recent tragic loss of his younger brother and the impact it has had on family members.

According to Soulja, losing his younger sibling had a serious effect on his older brother.

“Family loss for any person is hard. It just was hard for me because, you know how that goes, you just want to be with them one last time. It was unexpected, I was messed up. I’m still messed up about that to this day. My family, everybody was financially straight when the funeral came. My father he was really messed up about it, and that created more drama and problems in the family. My other brother threatened to take his life, and that just really had my family just real messed up. It’s real hard for me but I just been trying to do the best that I can. I wanted to be with my family and not do this music but we got an understanding. I have to keep going for my fans and keep doing music and movie to provide for them [my family]. But it’s just like man, once that happens it makes you question a lot of things. Everybody gotta go one day; I just look at it like I just want to make him [my brother] proud.” (The Boom Box)

In April, Soulja Boy said people like G-Unit leader 50 Cent have given support through a few hardships.

“I’ve been through situations that were crazy, but I felt like everything turned out to be great. I went through a situation I’ve never gone through in my life, and [thankfully] even 50 Cent reached out to me. Now, I’m in a very great position. I’m grateful for my family, keeping me grounded, and all of the fans that stuck through it all with me — everyone that kept it real with me, that messed with my music and me as a person.” (Billboard)

Soulja Boy broke the news of his brother’s passing last March.

“at home crying my eyes out I can’t believe my Lil bro is gone… today is so not my day.. RIP lil brother love you always :(,” hetweeted March 21st. (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

Reports claimed the fatal crash took place in Mississippi.

Soulja Boy’s half-brother, Deion Jenkins, 14, passed away last night (March 20) after getting involved in a car accident in Charleston, MS. As of press time the details of the crash are unknown. SB expressed his loss on his Twitter account earlier this morning. “[At] home crying my eyes out I can’t believe my lil bro is gone…today is not my day. RIP lil bro love you always :(.” (XXL Mag)

Check out some recent Soulja Boy Tell Em footage below:

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