Soulja Boy Loses His Love For Lambos: “As I Grew Older, I Got More Into…”

Soulja Boy Loses His Love For Lambos: “As I Grew Older, I Got More Into…”

Atlanta rap star Soulja Boy showed off his endless supply of luxury vehicles this weekend and admitted a love for Lamborghini cars may have been left in the dust by another maker. #Vroooom

According to SB, Bentleys have started to win him over with age.

“I love my Lambo. Bought It cash because it was my favorite growing up as a kid. As I grew older I got more into bentleys,” SB captioned to a photo June 20. (Soulja Boy’s Instagram)

Last year, G-Unit leader 50 Cent‘s love for Lamborghini whips came to light.

One thing that has remained important to Jackson is the cars. He owns two bulletproof Chevrolet Suburbans that feature bombproof undercarriages. The $200,000 vehicles were built for the Iraq war. He bought a Lamborghini Murcielago to celebrate the launch of his second album. The $300,000 car was painted charcoal gray, just like his ill-fated Land Cruiser. Perhaps to erase the ghosts of his youth-and satisfy the urge he had with his Rolls-Jackson decked the Lamborghini out in an all-chrome finish. (Forbes Life)

A couple years ago, a Lamborghini representative reacted to Kanye West name-dropping its cars on G.O.O.D. Music’s “Mercy” track.

“Most owners tell us they’ve had a lifelong love affair with the brand before they actually purchased their Lamborghini,” says the rep. “This is another example of the use of a Lamborghini in various art forms. Communicating success, individuality and creativity are hallmarks of the brand.” Of course, Lamborghini is not mad at that either. “We appreciate the publicity,” the spokesperson says. “But more importantly, we hope Kanye has the opportunity to fully experience the exhilarating performance and technical innovations found in all Lamborghinis.” (Complex)

On the record, there are multiple Lamborghini references.

“Okay, Lamborghini Mercy, your chick, she so thirsty (Swirv)/I’m in that two seat Lambo with your girl, she tryna jerk me (Swirv) [Hook] … Two-door preference, roof gone, George Jefferson/That white frost on that pound cake so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant/Lambo, Murcie-lago, she go wherever I go, wherever we go, we do it pronto.” (“Mercy”)


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