Soulja Boy Cranks Dat Jail Bid, Tell Em Back To Biz?

Soulja Boy Cranks Dat Jail Bid, Tell Em Back To Biz?

Less than 72 hours after reportedly turning himself in for a jail stint, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em is a free man.

According to reports, the 23-year-old hip-hop star is back to business following a short stint behind bars.

Rapper Soulja Boy is a free man again after serving a few days behind bars on a gun charge. Soulja Boy checked into a detention centre on Thursday (20Feb14), but it appears he was granted an early release as he was back on his blog on Sunday (23Feb14). He shared a photo of himself in a hotel room and, in a series of subsequent tweets, he wrote, “We Made It. Keep working.” He also retweeted a message from his rap protege Young Ayers, who celebrated the star’s release by posting, “They let my n**ga out time to get back to work and turn the streets up”. (Contact Music)

Last week, SB revealed he was expected to start his sentence Thursday (February 20).

“February 20th, yup,” SB said when asked about his jail date. “[What’s it for?] Gun charge. I just know that February 20th, it’s when I know how long I’ll be behind bars – and what they’re going to do with the case. … On the whole situation – I’m a young, successful rapper, I do a lot of stuff. Instead of me being targeted – it’s other criminals they could be attacking instead of focusing on me. … I got a name and they go after anybody with a name. No matter who it is. … I ain’t scared. It just is what it is. I done been to jail before but not for this long of a time it’s gonna be.” (XXL)

SB broke the big jail news to millions of Twitter followers earlier this month.

“5 more days until I go to jail. Appreciate everyone who was there for me while I needed y’all.,” SB tweeted February 15. (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Last month, manager Miami Mike said Soulja Boy’s neighbor was really responsible for a gun turning up in his car and getting him arrested.

But Soulja’s manager, CEO Miami Mike claims a neighbor left the gun under the car seat and Soulja had no idea it was there. Further, he claims Soulja never admitted the weapon was his, and only told cops he owned the car. Mike claims officers told Soulja someone had to take responsibility for the weapon — but insists Soulja never copped to the gun … just the vehicle. We’re told Soulja believes the whole search was illegal because cops didn’t have probable cause. But here’s the thing … according to law enforcement sources the gun was in plain view — in which case officers wouldn’t need a search warrant. (TMZ)

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