Soulja Boy Calls Out Bentley Wreck Victim, “She’s Racist For Saying This Is A Stolen Car” [Video]

Soulja Boy Calls Out Bentley Wreck Victim, “She’s Racist For Saying This Is A Stolen Car” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has kept his word on explaining what happened in Hollywood over the weekend when his Bentley got into a publicized car wreck by releasing a video defending himself.

According to Soulja Boy, he did nothing wrong and is actually the victim of the nasty wreck.

“I was in my Bentley, it was a green light, and they had a yellow arrow light,” Soulja Boy explained in a video. “I had so much respect, I’m already heated that somebody done hit my $250,000 car but I’m still being respectful, she’s saying, ‘That stolen a** car.’ I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?’ Her n*gga knew what it was though, he backed down — she was [like] ‘I’m pregnant, my arm.’ She ran the light, our light was green, she turned too fast, thought she was going to make it and hit my car. So it is what it is. Just like my girl said, she’s racist for saying this is a stole car. N*gga I paid for my Bentley. $250,000 cash.” (YouTube)

Yesterday, SB thanked his fans for their support and promised to explain what went down in a video.

“Too all my fans sorry for not tweeting, but yest what happened. I was in a car accident. I need time to my self.. sorry I’ll tweet l8r,” he tweeted June 24th.

“since i’m getting a lot of followers right now, and my fans seem to really care, I’m making a video to tell what happened. stay tuned. love”

“Thanks fans & followers. your tweets and support mean MORE than you can imagine at times like this. you guys are pretty cool! hit ya later”

“I woulda killed powerhouse with snapbacks and tattoos if I didn’t get in accident I got bigger tricks up my sleeve don’t worry. stay tuned” (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Reports of what took place Sunday (June 24) surfaced online yesterday.

Soulja Boy got into a car accident in his gleaming red Bentley moments ago in Hollywood … and TMZ has pics of the aftermath. TMZ spoke with the other driver involved, who tells us, Soulja crossed into his lane and smashed into him while he was waiting for the light to change. People close to Soulja say the rapper wasn’t even driving — his bodyguard was. They say the other driver ran a red light and hit him. So far, it’s unclear who’s really at fault. Police are currently on the scene with a tow truck, which is loading up Soulja’s ride. There were no serious injuries. (TMZ)

Following the news, the victim’s husband stepped forward to place the blame on Soulja Boy.

The husband of the other driver in last night’s Soulja Boy car crash tells TMZ — there’s no two ways about it … the accident was all Soulja’s fault. TMZ spoke to the other driver’s husband moments after last night’s crash, and he tells us, he and his wife — who’s pregnant right now — were waiting at a red light in the turning lane, when the rapper’s red Bentley swerved across a double yellow line and collided with their vehicle. The footage appears to back up the man’s story. Because the other driver is pregnant, her husband says she was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital as a precaution following the crash. (TMZ)

Check out Soulja Boy speaking on the accident below:

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