Soulja Boy Busted W/ His Pants Down, Apologizes For X-Rated Pic

Soulja Boy Busted W/ His Pants Down, Apologizes For X-Rated Pic

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em heated up the Internet this week after releasing, deleting and now apologizing over a nude self-shot photograph which landed on his Tumblr page.

After posting the explicit photo, Soulja Boy quickly deleted it and apologized to fans with a Tumblr post.

“I apologize to ever seen that, accident.,” he tweeted November 6th. (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Tumblr)

Despite the deletion, his photo is still circulating online.

Oh dear boy… It seems Crank That rapper Soulja Boy doesn’t quite yet understand how to use social media, as dude apparently ‘accidentally’ posted a picture of his penis to his Tumblr account (above)!! The self taken snap has since been taken down and Soulja has posted an apology on his Tumblr. Holy one eyed snake! It is quite an aggressive pic! It practically looks like his peen is about to poke your eye out! (Perez Hilton)

As of last summer, Soulja Boy had a very publicized romance with fellow Atlanta rapper Diamond.

“This is my girl, so we’ll definitely have some music coming [out],” Soulja Boy tells VIBE with his arm wrapped around his main squeeze. While cupid may be on their side right now, TV cameras could also be coming to a Soulja Boy/Diamond bedroom sometime in the near future. ”I’ve been getting offers from a lot of different brands,” says Soulja Boy of his reluctance to star on his own reality TV show. The 21-year-old rapper says he isn’t quite ready to put his private life out into the public eye but admits he is entertaining a few ideas for a cable show. (VIBE)

He also discussed how much support Diamond gets from him earlier this year.

Scrap said he has no beef with Soulja Boy, and SB is also taking the high road. “This is my baby, this is my girl, so anything said about her is basically they’re saying it about me,” he said, holding Diamond’s hand. “I’m backin’ her 100 percent, and we’re just focusing on the positive. Anybody talkin’ about her name on TV, that’s just bringin’ us up more. So salute to them, we wish them the best.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Soulja Boy footage:

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