Soulja Boy Backs A$AP Rocky In Producer Feud, “Now That Rocky Doesn’t F*ck W/ You, We Gon Eat Yo Face”

Soulja Boy Backs A$AP Rocky In Producer Feud, “Now That Rocky Doesn’t F*ck W/ You, We Gon Eat Yo Face”

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has reportedly sided with A$AP Rocky in his feud with Miami producer SpaceGhostPurrp and gone after him with a slew of Twitter disses.

No longer on his page, Soulja Boy’s tweets have been screen shot and circulated online since last night (July 4).

“SPACE GHOST P*SSY,” he tweeted.

“Only reason I gave @SGhostPurrp a pass was because ASAP Rocky. Now that rocky doesn’t f*ck with you. We gon eat yo face n*gga. Bath salts.”

“I swear to God on my mama, I want yo face n*gga. We gon eat that sh*t. bath salts. p*ssy. @SGhostPurrp” (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

SpaceGhostPurrp’s Twitter responses remained on his page as he appeared unfazed by the jabs.

“Starting twitter beef aint g bruh you know where miami @ RT @souljaboy SPACE GHOST P*SSY.,” he tweeted back.

“These n*ggas childish”

“This n*gga really rapping on twitter right now bruh lol this sh*t funny” (SpaceGhostPurrp’s Twitter)

Reports of the feud between A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp surfaced late last month.

Miami MC-producer, SpaceghostPurrp and the Harlem based ASAP Mob are involved in the latest hip hop beef. According to various reports, the fight started as ASAP Mob member ASAP Twelvy apparently jumped Spaceghost’s Raider Klan partner Matt Stoops which then caused members of the of both groups to launch a twitter feud. While Spaceghost has produced some of Rocky’s best songs, it seems as though the two won’t be working together anytime soon. (The Source)

Members of SpaceGhostPurrp’s crew also reportedly fired viral shots at him.

Fans of both parties may hope the riff’s small enough to be repaired. However, Mostly Junk Food has compiled a lengthy list of tweets that speaks of this being a more serious break-up. As well, a video posted one day ago (and now removed) featured SGP and the Klan with a few disparaging words for Rocky and co. In a way, it’s not surprising. Rocky’s product has changed considerably over the past two years, whether Spaceghost’s sound be the Harlem MC’s conclusive catalyst or not. And there’s bound to be acrimony when two distinctive camps partner, as the numerous Roc-A-Fella camps of yesteryear can attest. (The Smoking Section)

Check out some recent Soulja Boy footage below:

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