Somaya Reece Loves Pitbull’s Bark: “Big Pun & Fat Joe Did Something For Latins. Right Now, He’s That”

Somaya Reece Loves Pitbull’s Bark: “Big Pun & Fat Joe Did Something For Latins. Right Now, He’s That”

With rapper Pitbull continuing to maintain a strong steady buzz off his chart-topping records, SOHH decided to hit up Latin musician, Somaya Reece, for her take on his transformation from underground rapper to NBA All Star 2012 headlining performer.

Comparing her new music to what “Mr. 305″ is delivering these days, Somaya expresses how Pitbull has continued to evolve since making his industry debut in the early 2000’s:

“Pitbull is like the epitome of where I’m going with my music,” Reece told SOHH. “It’s funny because people call me the female Pitbull and I’ve never made a record that sounds like him. [The music he’s making now] is where the money’s at. [laughs] The second thing is he wants to be international. Who wants to be in a box forever? Pitbull’s transformation came from him being just a rapper, straight rapping. But when he was just rapping, nobody really supported him. Then he decided to gain his own rapport and build his own fan base. Then he came out with Ying Yang Twins, then he came out working with Lil Jon and then he started moving. Latinas have always supported him because Latin music is just so big. Then he started experimenting with the dance movement and it went well.” (SOHH)

Reece also gave props for Pitbull continuing to pave a lane for Latin artists.

“It’s funny because it’s like, Pitbull’s either too Latin for hip-hop or too hip-hop for Latin,” Reece added. “It’s the truth and it’s a sad world we live in but he’s so outside the box and now he is what his name is and that’s Mr. Worldwide. He has made a really big thing for Latin people. Big Pun did something for Latins, Fat Joe did something for Latins, we have these people who have done great things but Pitbull, right now, being here, he is that. People can say he’s doing dance music but Flo Rida also has the number one dance song out. [laughs]” (SOHH)

Last summer, EA Sports designer, Alex Howell, hit up SOHH and said Pitbull’s music was getting played out in Florida.

“I would say Pitbull is getting cold,” Howell told SOHH when naming his coldest trend of mid-2011. “I’m tired of Pitbull. Especially here in South Florida, it’s like, ‘Come on, man.’ They play the same type of songs all the time. I’m probably going to get grilled for that.” (SOHH Top 5 Cold As Ice Trends)

Over the weekend, the Latino rapper showed off his rapping skills during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando.

Pitbull sure knows how to put on a show, and during his halftime performance at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, Mr. Worldwide brought out a few of his famous friends. During his medley of hits including “Rain Over Me,” “International Love” and “Give Me Everything,” the Miami rapper shared the stage with Nayer, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. “For me, what it’s about is showing that music is the universal language. It shows you that no matter where you’re from, what you represent, where you grew up or no matter what your culture or background may be, music brings everybody together,” Pitbull told MTV News from his dressing room at the Amway Center in Orlando after his performance. “To have Chris Brown come out, to have Ne-Yo come out, Nayer come out — we’re all from different backgrounds, but music brings us together.” (MTV)

Check out the 2012 NBA All-Star Game Halftime performance below:

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