Somaya Reece Claims Joe Budden Had “Erectile Dysfunction”

Somaya Reece Claims Joe Budden Had “Erectile Dysfunction”

Former Joe Budden girlfriend Somaya Reece has cited her past problems with the rapper relating to his alleged erectile dysfunction problems.

While not giving out too many details, Reece opened up about their short-lived romance.

While on the “Star & Bucwild Show,” Reece recently caused a stir by exposing intimate details about her relationship with rapper Joe Budden. When asked about her relationship with the rapper behind closed doors, Reece attempted to be sly and replied with “if he could have gotten past, then it might’ve happened., for anyone that doesn’t know, is where people that have erectile dysfunction get pills,” Reece added. (CBS News)

Budden later responded to the remarks via his Twitter page.

“Chics bashing a n*gga’s d*ck = “I really liked him a lot & he hurt my feelings”…. Publicity is 1 hellofa drug.” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Speaking in a panel interview with three other women earlier this year, Somaya said she didn’t know why he has been dissing her lately.

“I made it really clear, he pursued me, like forever,” Reece explained in an interview. “He’s super out-going, fun and he kept bugging my friend Crooked I like, ‘Yo, hook me up’ — Joey’s like a really nice guy, he’s funny. The thing is, I didn’t know anything about him…He asked me to be his girlfriend and yeah, I did say yes, he was on the road when this happened…It was just really weird how everything went down because I’ve never met somebody that abusive in my life except for my father when I was growing up..He’s like verbally and mentally abusive, like real bad. Really bad. You can see what he does online — I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think there’s a deep, emotional rooted problem with him…I’ve never publicly embarrassed him…” (The Syndies)

Last January, Budden announced his relationship with Reece had officially ended.

“Because Somaya, I blocked your b*tch a**,” Budden said in avideo recording. “I blocked you on my Twitter and as soon as I leave a f*cking Tweet, your f*cking crazy dumb a** sends me a f*cking text. You better stop f*cking stalking me n*gga. Stop f*cking stalking my Twitterfeed b*tch. That b*tch is f*cking stalking my Twitter page. That b*tch made a f*cking fakeTwitter account…A**hole year is gone — [she] pretended to be really, really, really cool — and then after so long, she revealed her crazy Spanish colors and begin to act like a lunatic and getting out of a five year relationship, why do I want to be with anyone who is a f*cking lunatic? I just left someone who is a f*cking lunatic…I don’t want any beef with motherf*cking Somaya, I don’t want any beef with Gloria Velez, I don’t want any beef with Tahiry, I don’t want any beef with b*tches. Period. I’m off that. It’s a new year, it’s a new year, grow the f*ck up…” (YouTube)

Check out a recent Somaya Reece interview below:

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