Somalian Rapper K’NAAN Defends The Pirates, “They Helped Us Clear Our Environment”

Somalian Rapper K’NAAN Defends The Pirates, “They Helped Us Clear Our Environment”

With the US currently involved in a standoff with pirates who have taken a US ship captain hostage, Somalian rapper K’Naan has spoken out in support of the pirates.

K’Naan, who admits to having cousins who are pirates, says that not all pirate attacks are bad.

“A lot of people don’t like me for saying this but I’m in support of the pirates,” K’Naan told Angela Yee on her radio show The Morning After. “Massive Western companies would come to Somalia and dump nuclear toxic waste containers on the shore because there was no government controlling the shorelines. So these pirates initially went into the ocean to make them pay for that sort of thing. So they just take everything for ransom. That actually helped us clear our environment.” (The Morning After)

Earlier this week pirates hijacked a ship flying a US flag off the Somali coast and took the captain, Richard Phillips, hostage.

Pirates stormed the freighter Maersk Alabama that was carrying supplies for refugees sailing off the coast of Somalia. Phillips has been held hostage on the lifeboat since Wednesday [April 8] when the gang of four pirates hijacked the ship. Although the pirates were later overpowered by the unarmed US crew, they were able to separate Phillips and bundle him onto a lifeboat. (AFP)

Last night Phillips attempted to escape but was unsuccessful.

[He] jumped out of the lifeboat and attempted to swim to safety. He may have been trying to reach one of the nearby U.S. Navy ships keeping watch. Officials said they had heard, but could not confirm, reports that one of his captors jumped into the water after him, and that Phillips was pulled back into the lifeboat. (Los Angeles Times)

K’Naan is currently preparing to tour with West Coast legend Snoop Dogg.

K’naan will join the rap superstar on the southeast leg of his U.S. tour, starting May 4 in Little Rock, AK and wrapping May 17 in Hilton Head, SC. The two also share several festival dates at the beginning of the month, which follow K’naan’s scheduled appearance at the Coachella festival in Indio, CA on April 19. (andPop)

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