Solar’s Twitter Hacker Threatens More Leaks, “I’ve Got A Sh*tload Of Pics Of Him Cheating”

Solar’s Twitter Hacker Threatens More Leaks, “I’ve Got A Sh*tload Of Pics Of Him Cheating”

The man responsible for hacking Solar‘s Twitter and e-mail accounts has stepped forward and threatened to leak more damaging information.

Despite already leaking personal photos of Solar and bank statements, “Renaldo” said he still has more unreleased material.

“I’ve got a sh*tload of pics of him cheating,” he said in an interview. “I don’t think I leaked this completely…. When Guru was in the hospital fighting for his life, Solar sent an email from Guru’s email account to EMI and said, ‘I want to transfer 1K from my bank account to another bank account.’ And that bank account is Solar’s bank account. I’ve got several bank records indicating that he was stealing from Guru. And some documents indicating that all the royalties from EMI went to 7 Grand [his record label]. I’ve got an email showing that he didn’t pay Doo Wop. I really think I did the worst. I exposed all those photos that I’m sure his wife wasn’t happy about. I could expose more things, but that’s just too harsh for the man. He’s going through a hard time now…Solar controlled Guru’s email, Guru’s Twitter, Guru’s MySpace. Everything. I actually tweeted the password of 7 Grand’s Twitter just to have some fun…The perfect ending is if he’s in jail because he did some evil things. Like selling someone’s house while they’re in a coma and pretending to be Guru to change bank statements. Those are pretty illegal things and he should go to jail for that.” (VIBE)

Earlier this week, the hacker wrote via Solar’s Twitter account and justified the leaks.

“You people are hard to please lol… Let’s see how Solar interacts with the fans…Here is proof that Solar received all of Guru’s royalties: …it is really hard to expose every lie this guy has said cuz theres 2 much. but ill try my best to inform u the most i can …Jazzmattaz 1 (Before Solar): Version 7.0 (With Solar): ….I’ve leaked this because i want to restore Guru’s legacy. Solar is messing up his legacy and i can’t accept that! Out of respect for the Elam family, Guru’s friend and of course Guru i am going to leave it like it is. I did my job. I’ve leaked Solar’s email to let you people see what kind of snake this dude is. This dude didn’t gave a f*ck about Guru. Solar is a thief, liar and cheater to the highest degree. Yes, people like this do exist. And i’m sure he will have to face facts soon! Last but not least, i hope you respect my decision.” (Solar’s Twitter)

Reports of the hacking made headlines earlier this week.

The strange, sad saga that is the circus surrounding Guru’s death continues this week with the news that someone has hacked the e-mail accounts and Twitters of Solar and Guru, and is leaking private message that show the twisted relationship Guru and Solar had together. Among the revelations of the reams of e-mails released (and are still being released), Solar allegedly: abused Guru, prevented him from getting medical treatment and instead forced him to tour Europe, cut his family out of his life, forged his death letter and tried to use his imminent death to sell unreleased material. (Prefix Mag)

Solar recently denied mistreating Guru while he was in a coma over the winter.

“Guru was cared for in the CCU at their highest level of care for a patient in his condition. I was at the hospital every day — some days numerous times to check on Guru,” Solar claimed. “He was always clean and well attended too. Guru was in a room equipped with around-the-clock video surveillance as well as hospital personnel. [DJ] Premier‘s visit can be easily verified. The hospital has a strict visiting policy which includes signing in to see a patient. The CCU has an even stricter policy which is very thoroughly enforced. They will most certainly ask what day this visit took place and what time did he visit to facilitate process. My people and I would never tolerate any mistreatment of Guru in any way, shape, or form. Did DJ Premier complain to the hospital authorities about what he claims he saw?! If so who were the hospital authority? [sic] What was their response?” (All Hip Hop)

Check out Raekwon speaking on Guru’s legacy down below:

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