SOHH’s Top Celebs You Won’t See At Rick Ross’ B-Day Party (That’s Not Dade County Corrections)

SOHH’s Top Celebs You Won’t See At Rick Ross’ B-Day Party (That’s Not Dade County Corrections)

[With today marking Rick Ross’ 35th birthday, SOHH has compiled a list of celebrity guests you most likely won’t catch toasting to his honor.]

1. 50 Cent

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (50 Cent)

“Yeah, Brooke used to be your motherf**king girl, man,” “Curly” says in the video. “Not no more, she with me…I heard you on the radio talking about me and Flex was laughing and I don’t like that sh*t…Yeah she used to be your girl man, Brooke, your other baby momma, I got both your motherf*cking baby momma’s…I’ma say this sh*t nice and slow for you for the last time, I’ma f**k up your life…You in trouble, you done f**ked with the wrong one…You a Carol City cop, n***a, you think I don’t know who you is? I’ll get you when I’m ready to get you.” (This Is 50)

What started as a simple Rick Ross’ “Mafia Music” diss in 2009 ended up being one of the most hilarious beefs in hip-hop. From 50 Cent dating Ross’ first baby mother to releasing a sex tape of his second baby’s mother and then take his kids out to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s house in Las Vegas? We have a feeling 50 won’t be attending this event, or Pimpin’ Curly.

2. Beanie Sigel

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Beanie Sigel)

“Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel on a track called ‘Heavy Artillery,’ ” Compton’s lyrical barbarian Game revealed. “I’m definitely a fan of Beans. I did my verse first, sent it to them. Ross came back, and I was still comfortable with my verse. Beans came back — rewrite! [I had to] rewrite [my verse]. Sent [the track] back to Ross. Ross heard Beans: rewrite. Now we got what we need. Now everybody is on the same playing field. Beans, he sounds like he’s hungry, like he ain’t have his hair braided in six years and he ain’t ate in 10.” (MTV)

All work, no play? No way! Sounds like Beanie Sigel might really be an anal bully, even to “The Boss”. Come on, forcing Ross to have to re-write his own rhymes? No cake for you, Beans! These new school Fat Boys would tip the scale as lightweights.

3. Big Meech

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Big Meech)

“The reaction in the clubs is tough!” DJ Drama said emphatically about “Blowin’ Money Fast.” “And it caught on fast. [The record] has a strong beat. … [Rick Ross] touched on topics the streets adore and respect: self-made bosses. … Ross, lyrically, is by himself right now.” (MTV)

Big Meech got the shout-out, but Rick Ross got the credit. Now, whenever anybody walks around their street bopping to “I think I’m Big Meech,” Ross’ round, hairy face comes to mind, not the image of Demetrius Flenory. That’s enough to make him want to p*ss in his bottle of Rose.

4. Chrisette Michele

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Chrisette Michele)

“I can’t get in touch with him no more. So I’m wondering honestly is he okay, is everything okay? Then I’m wondering how does this make us look to corporate America? Because we got folks spending hundreds and hundreds, hundreds of millions of dollars on putting a show together and then the only rap artist for the whole entire show, the only hip hop representation for the whole show…For hip-hop to walk out like that — you know to me that’s what it meant. To me it was like hip-hop just misrepresented itself because that’s not who we are, we are people who have fought through the struggle and we came up from the ground, we’ve paved the way for people to be entrepreneurs to come into corporate America.” (“Cherry Martinez Show”)

Wow, Officer, you “Lost One”. This is one lady he might not be able to persuade to ride in his Aston-Martin… ever again.

5. DJ Vlad

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (DJ Vlad)

A Manhattan federal jury found Ross liable for his crew breaking Vlad “DJ Vlad” Lyubovny’s eye socket at the Ozone Awards in Houston, Texas, in 2008. Ross’ crew was furious that Vlad Lyubovny had reported Ross was a correction officer before he became a hard-core rapper. The jury awarded Lyubovny $50,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages for the assault. (New York Daily News).

Instead of sending him a birthday card, Vlad might opt to celebrate January 28th by going on a major shopping spree in Ross’ honor… with his cash.

6. Eminem

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Eminem)

In this week’s “Sales Wrap,” Eminem’s Recovery remained at No. 1 selling 187,200 copies. His latest effort has now sold 1,669,600 records to date. Rick Ross’ Teflon Don opened at No. 2 with 176,700 sold units after its first-week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

They say nothing sticks to Teflon…except an album that performed better in stores. It’s alright, Ross, we hear birthday cake is comfort food. Feel better.

7. Grammy Awards Selection Committee

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Grammy Awards)

“If [Ross’] Deeper Than Rap album doesn’t get nominated for rap album of the year or album of the year, all this sh*t is rigged up,” he said. “Rick Ross should be heralded this year for the quality of music he’s put out, no lie. I think Jeezy deserves a Grammy, but he’s never received it,” Killer Mike said. “I’ll watch the Grammy’s when Jeezy gets his…He never got nominated.”

Rick Ross still can’t get any shine after all these years? Check the fact sheets, he’s made some timeless music with nothing “but” Grammy-winners. Jay-Z. Kanye West. John Legend. The list goes on. If the Grammys aren’t sharing the love, Ricky’s not sharing the cake.

8. Louis Vuitton

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Louis Vuitton)

“We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXLMagazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. The sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks.” (XXLMag)

Hmm, we think he’s really cheap…blowing money fast…on fake shades. Hope LV sent you some real ones for your birthday to make up for the faux-pas.

9. Wiz Khalifa

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Wiz Khalifa)

“Yeah, I’m signing to Atlantic,” Khalifa said. “We’ve been working on it for a minute. I wanted to make sure that I had records that I was comfortable with before I went to any label or any situation. I wanted to make sure I had my direction so when I take it to them it’s like, ‘Let’s go.’ … It’s a huge honor for [Ross] to even extend a hand like that. [It’s] crazy for him to even look out like that. Me and Ross is always gonna be working. He sees my vision. I think he gets what I’m trying to do. Even if it ain’t no paperwork between me and Ross, it’s gonna be work done between me and Ross.” (MTV)

Since Wiz chose to enjoy his Kush & OJ on Atlantic, the Boss may be wary of sipping Rose with the Pittsburgh newcomer on his big day.

10. Young Jeezy

Happy Birthday Rick Ross (Young Jeezy)

“I actually got to see the footage of him walking on South Beach down Collins Ave and he played his self,” Ross told Westwood. “You gotta come across the bridge to Carol City…to Little Haiti. That’s where you get your issues–Washington Ave. What’s crazy about that is when they ask about my name, they still don’t really have a direct answer. That ain’t gangster at all. If you really got an issue, put it on the table like a G. Walking down Collins Ave, you played yourself. You’ll get that took from you.” (BBC Radio)

Hmmm. Correction Officer Motivation 101 for Young Jeezy’s absence from his birthday soiree.

From all of us at SOHH, Happy Birthday, Rick Ross!

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