SOHH’s Top Celebs You Won’t See At Dr. Dre’s B-Day Party (That Aren’t Suge Knight)

SOHH’s Top Celebs You Won’t See At Dr. Dre’s B-Day Party (That Aren’t Suge Knight)

[With hip-hop vanguard/Aftermath Records CEO Dr. Dre’s 46th birthday today, SOHH has compiled a list of celebrity guests you most likely won’t catch toasting to his honor.]

1. Eve

Eve (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

“[laughs] I don’t mean to laugh but it’s only funny because obviously I’ve been taking a long time talking about my record, Dr. Dre has taken the longest time, are we still talking about Detox,” Eve said in an interview. “Seriously. I feel Detox is not real. I do. Honestly, I would be honored [to be featured], I hope he does call me ‘if’ the album happens. God forbid he sees this, [nevertheless] I believe in you Dre, but where’s the album? Seriously. I don’t know. I hope he calls.” (I’m Not A Rappa TV)

Eve, just like Fight Club, the first rule about Detox is you do not talk about Detox. Second rule of Detox is you do not mock Detox. We all know the story. Dr. Dre saw ambition in you back in the day, signed you to Aftermath and treated you no differently than Rakim, Joell Ortiz and *gasps* Truth Hurts. But resorting to mocking the album’s existence? No cake for you.

2. 50 Cent

50 Cent (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

“Jimmy iovine and dre mad at me cause I’m doing sleek by 50,” Fif tweeted Monday (February 14).

“I guess I’m not going to be on detox Lol.”

“I’m a little hurt jimmy and dre feel like that but f*ck it. I’m focused I got a surprise for everybody this go round.”

“Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about jimmy and dre. Oh my god this is hard. This sh*t gonna kill”

Throughout his career, we’ve enjoyed 50 going at the heads of many rappers and personalities, but this time, he may’ve taken it a step too far. Ok, maybe Jimmy is an easy target, but going after the Doc? The guy who co-signed Eminem’s decision to give you a career? Not only will we not find you on Detox, 50, but we won’t find you “In Da Club” for this Dre soiree either!.

3. Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

“I mean, it ain’t a shot, ’cause it doesn’t [say] f*ck [Dr.] Dre. But, you know, ‘High ’til we die, so it’s muthaf*ck a Detox.’ … It ain’t nothin’ personal to Dre, it ain’t nothin’ personal against Detox, it’s just I’m on this All Money In sh*t… N*ggas take it how they take it. I’m out here in these streets. I’m in L.A. I don’t see none of them [people] in L.A. I’m a real one out here. I don’t know about none of them other niggas… Like I said, it ain’t no direct f*ck Dre [because if it was] then I woulda said f*ck Dre. It was just me speaking my mind at that moment.” (Hip Hop DX)

Nipsey, you’re a representative of the “New West”, and Dre’s an O.G. Whether you were being coy or deliberate doesn’t matter, you clearly said “F*ck Detox.” No offense, but Dre is a grown man, mid-40’s, and these little subliminal/indirect remarks don’t translate well- Dre shindigs all over Cali are gonna have you on their sh*t list.

4. Ice Cube

Ice Cube (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

“I didn’t get a chance to work with Dre on this record,” Cube said in an interview. “He’s been M.I.A. for two to three months now. But I don’t feel bad, because Snoop [Dogg] can’t find him either — I think, really, it’s because people expect so much from him. People expect, when Dre does a record, it [will] change the trajectory of music. Not just be an album and it come out and be good. It has to come and take us in a different direction. And that’s a lot of pressure.” (MTV)

Bottom line? If you can’t even find Dr. Dre to work on your album, what really makes you think you have a shot at locating his birthday party, Ice Cube?

5. Interscope Records

Interscope Records (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

Dr. Dre fans can finally exhale. After a decade of waiting for Detox, the hip-hop icon has announced his album’s release date in a rather anticlimactic way. Producer Just Blaze posted a video of himself in the studio with the Doc. While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project, Dre revealed the date many doubted would ever come. “4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’,” said The Chronic rapper, referring to April 20, the pot smokers’ holiday. You may notice that 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day later than the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze responded on Twitter, saying, “We talked about that. [I’m] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day.” (Rap-Up)

Instead of playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey with Dre, Interscope would rather pin him to a final release date.

6. The D.O.C.

D.O.C. (Happy Birthday Dr. Dre)

“I’m saying that I did all I could do for Dre on this particular record. And I don’t even know if any of my work will be there, because he’s got his own ideas about the way he wants it to go. And you gotta respect that. Even though I played the second set of ears on every muthaf*ckin’ thing else, now we at the stage where he don’t really trust what I’m saying. And I gotta respect him. I love him. So I gotta move back and let him do what he doing. And whatever that is, I’m going to respect it and ride wit’ it – whether or not it woulda been something I would of chose.” (Hip Hop DX)

Apparently, no one can do it better than The D.O.C.- except for Dr. Dre, who no longer needs you to help with Detox or his birthday plans. Sorry, boss.

From all of us at SOHH, Happy Birthday, Dre! 

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