SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite Weed Plates

SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite Weed Plates

[As we prepare to say goodbye to 2010, SOHH highlights this year’s most horrible album covers– the ones that were so hideous, you wanted to burn holes through it with your Dutchmaster!]

1. Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday (November 22)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Weed Plates (Nicki Minaj)

“[Nicki] wanted to rip her arms off to really do the whole Barbie theme, like when little girls trash their dolls,” says photographer GL Wood. “She wanted to look like one of those broken Barbies.” Mission accomplished. Woods, who took similar shots of Minaj in the October issue of Out magazine says the rapper was inspired by their original shoot and wanted to go in the same direction but crazier. When Pink Friday drops November 22, Woods says fans can expect album artwork featuring girly aesthetics and more of Minaj’s never-ending legs. One idea Woods says he wished made it inside would’ve thrown her even more left-field. “I had an idea to cut up pieces of her and paste it back together. It still would kind of look like her, but it would be sliced apart and taped a little off centered.” (VIBE)

Even though Nicki Minaj had us all saying “Barbie” and buying pink lipstick in 2010, this album cover to her long-awaited debut was more like Kirby-meets-Barbie. No arms, no hands, no problem? Not quite. We’re just gonna say it: what the f*ck was she thinking?!

2. Sheek Louch’s Donnie G: Don Gorilla (December 14)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Weed Plates (Sheek Louch)

“That’s some of the hottest artwork I’ve seen in a while,” Sheek told SOHH. “A lot of my people on Twitter were telling me that [too], all over online. It’s definitely poster material. I could have just sat there and smiled for the camera, the regular playboy-type sh*t, you know what I’m saying? Nah, I didn’t want that. I wanted to really take it there, you know, I’m always on that “Silverback Gorilla” thing. That’s how I’m feeling, that picture right there is not to depict black people or none of that, it’s just that I’m feeling real beastie right now. I’m in this jungle going hard at it. That’s how I did it and they really brought that to life.” (SOHH)

Ouch. Seemed like no matter how much Sheek Louch boasted about this cover, you couldn’t convince any of us that this artwork didn’t look like a straight-to-DVD hood version of “Planet of the Apes”. Sorry Sheek, we love you, but this just looks like Donkey Kong gone wrong. This album gets a burn-out right in that mutated nose for this one.

3. Juvenile’s Beast Mode (July 6)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Weed Plates (Juvenile)

“That’s a question the label gotta answer, to be honest. Us as artists, we really don’t have no insight on that part, man. I took a picture…[and] they took the picture and made it into that. I hadn’t seen – And you know what? If I woulda saw Drake [Thank Me Later] album cover before and actually had control of it, I woulda stopped it. But it was out of my control, man. I couldn’t do nothing about it. That ain’t even my thing, I wouldn’t try to take nothing away from a younger cat. ‘Cause at the end of the day we all trying to eat. So I don’t wanna do anything to blemish his career – [or] make it look bad on me too… So I’m not really feeling the album cover thing myself.” (Hip Hop DX)

Juvenile, you fancy, huh? The fact that Juvie was quick to deny any prior knowledge of his Drake-esque album cover before it was printed had us rolling in 2010. Minus the shades, this is a dead-on, carbon copy of Thank Me Later. Maybe that’s why Drizzy & Co. borrowed his flow for his summertime anthem without any “prior knowledge” either.

4. Fat Joe’s The Darkside Vol. 1 (July 27)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Weed Plates (Fat Joe)

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe’s Darkside, Volume 1 debuted on the chart this week at No. 27. After seven days in stores, the rapper’s new album has sold 12,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Joey Crack is back, but who could tell? This album cover had us all scratching our fitted caps at the office. Was Fat Joe trying to bite the popular Star Wars trilogy, or was he trying to prove that Pillsbury Doughboys glow in the dark? If you could only give albums as weed plates for Christmas…

5. Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli (October 5)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Weed Plates (Wacka Flocka Flame)

“I apologize to Tupac fans if they think I’m using Tupac to sell records,” Waka told SOHH. “I’m not. Tupac is the reason why I really made Flockaveli. It’s because of the story. You know what I’m saying? And at the time right now, I’m gonna sum it all up, Makaveli had his back up against the wall, he felt like people were out to get him. You know what I’m saying? It’s how he felt. At the time I was making my album, that’s how I felt. And that’s what was going on. I was going through bad press, bad time, everything.” (SOHH)

Where do we even begin with this cover? Should we consider the blood dripping across Waka Flocka’s face? How about the wannabe-Makaveli reference? Even better, why does he look like he’s trying to put his female AND male listeners into a trance? Could the non-lyrical boasting rapper have really tried to pull a fast one over Pac fans? Waka, we don’t believe you, you need a MILLION more people.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for SOHH’s Best of 2010: Favorite Fake-Outs! 

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